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5 Steps to create a gardening budget and stay on track

Spice Cabinet Organization

Chicken Pot pie for dinner

Costco Haul: Cut my Costco budget down & stuck to

Costco Haul & I stuck to my list.

Help Mama Cook:Tomato, Garlic, Feta Chicken with Spinach over Fettucini

How to Customize Household Cleaning Zones, Daily Routines & Arc Planner Update

5 Steps to create a gardening budget and stay on track

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The Celery Project Part 2 & Romaine Lettuce

Think that was last week or the week before that I shared with you my Celery Project.  Look how it’s taking off!


Entry Focal Wall… in progress – Sneak Peek

Think I spent most of my evening stalking Pinterest. There’s been a wall that I’ve needed to repaint… well maybe some rooms to repaint.


Organizing Family Medications & Nebulizer Machines

If you’re a family that has multiple medications for each family member or one family member has medications to keep up with… here’s something for you.


Busy Gardening

The weather was amazing yesterday and no better time to take advantage of the great outdoors. Hubby cleaned out the bins and also put up a greenhouse we bought.


The Celery Project

I’ve heard about regrowing celery from leftovers of the celery that you purchase from the store.


Easter Mantel & DIY Banner (He’s Alive)

A look at my Easter mantel & DIY banner


5 steps to create a gardening budget and stay on track

5 steps to create a gardening budget and stay on track. We started this year’s plans off with a gardening budget. Never done before. Years past we go willy nilly buying what we want.


Breakfast Bar & Lunch Supply Station

I was looking for a place to store cereals and lunch supplies. That’s when I thought of the hutch. I can still decorate it for every season, as well as have a designated spot for cereal and lunch.

fillo cups

Monthly Recipe Swap- Fillo Appetizers

This months recipe swap is here and Anjanette and I are here to share some appetizers that you can prepare for your Easter dinner.  Honestly, this recipe was a challenge because I read the ingredient list, but I didn’t READ the list.  Also, this was my first time using fillo cups and first time hearing […]


Train up a child to organize their drawer

I thought she was up to something and asked her what took so long.

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