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Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity. Luke 13:12b

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eph 6 11

Help Mama’s Faith: Scripture of the Week Ephesians 6:11

Let’s put God’s armor on, ladies. There’s nothing that the Lord doesn’t ask us to do without equipping us to do it. Our scripture this week tells us to put on the armor of God. This week before we put on our natural clothes let’s reach for God’s armor. Clothes aren’t only for adornment, but it’s for protection as well. It protects us from the elements of the world. The blistering cold, the scorching heat, wind, sun and the rain. God has equipped us with weapons to stand against Satan when he comes against us with his tricks, lies and schemes.

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Plan with me week 31.jpg thumbnail

Plan With Me Week 31 & A DIY Rag Tassel Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’m back with another Plan With Me video and this week is week 31. I also have a DIY Rag Tassel Tutorial.

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shortbread smores

Striped Shortbread S’mores

My son asked for ingredients for some S’mores the other day and I went out and bought the normal ingredients. When they were all gone, my daughter requested some more. However, this time I picked up some shortbread cookies instead of graham crackers.

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woman thou art loosed.PNG ig

Help Mama’s Faith: Scripture of The Week – Luke 13:12b

What wonderful words to hear Jesus say if, you’re a woman dealing with an infirmity for 18 years. Heck those are glorious words to hear after a year of an infirmity. Talk about the joy of being set free. The woman didn’t request that Jesus set her free. He saw her, called her to himself (John 6:44), spoke to her condition and set her free. I’m sure this woman had come to worship on numerous occasions, she hadn’t been healed then, and I’m sure she didn’t think that on this day she would be set free.

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plan with me week 30

Plan With Me Week 30 July 20-26th

We’re fast approaching week 30 and here’s my plan for this upcoming week. Going with a Garden Theme this week by using some stickers I picked up from Target during the Spring. Let’s remember We Plan to Execute and Execute to Follow- Thru. NicoleDaughter of God the Father, Wife, Mother of 3, hairstylist CEO of […]

Whats in our Picnic Basket

What’s in Our Picnic Basket #LoveandMarriage

My husband and I had it all planned out. Drop the kids off at Vacation Bible School and head over to the park for a little quality time together for a picnic. As soon as we dropped the kids off it began to pour down raining. That lead us to use our creative skills, head home and enjoy our picnic on the Living Room floor.

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thrift store haul thumbnail

Thrift Store Haul: Milk Glass, Vintage Quilt, Vera Bradley and more

The other day I stopped in the thrift store looking for a gift for my Instagram #Swatitlikeitshot buddy.  She has an absolutely beautiful home and a drool worthy Instagram feed.  While looking for a gift for her, I saw this gorgeous 9pc. Milk Glass Pitcher with tumblers.  Absolutely stunning!  It was $24.99 and yo girl is cheap.  Or should I say frugal?  However, the following day was 50% off and that’s what I waited for.

luke 1 37

Help Mama’s Faith: Scripture of The Week Luke 1:37

How often in your life have situations seemed futile, unattainable, useless and beyond hopeless? However, with God it wasn’t impossible. He worked things out on your behalf and you can testify to someone else of His goodness.

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plan with me week 29

Plan With Me Week 29 & Re-Laminate The Happy Planner Cover

Plan with me. Here’s my Happy Planner Layout for week 29 (July 13th – 19, 2015) and how I Re-Laminated My Happy Planner….a glimpse of my bible journal week and Stripped Shortbread S’mores Don’t forget, We Plan to Execute and Execute to Follow-Thru

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jerk chicken baked potato

The Cooking Channel: Jerk Chicken Baked Potato

This loaded jerk chicken potato will have you wanting more. Easy to make from the comforts of your kitchen.

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