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May Netflix StreamTeam Movie Picks – Rev Run’s Sunday Supper

In this post I'll share with you what I enjoyed on Netflix this month. I'm a member of the Netflix Stream Team and the opinions are my very own. Last month we enjoyed Rev Run's Renovation and that led us to watch Rev Run's Supper. Of course this was Jala's suggestion and with Rev Run's Shows … [Read More...]

Hibiscus Lemonade Recipe

With Mother's Day, holidays and the warm weather approaching, there's nothing like partaking in a refreshing drink.  Recently on one of my grocery shopping trips I picked up a pack of dried hibiscus flowers to use in the near future.  The future is now and I'm sharing this revivifying Hibiscus … [Read More...]

Netflix Stream Team April’s Pick- Rev Run’s Renovation

I'm a member of the Netflix Stream Team. The opinions in this post are my very own. This month I watched a wide variety of movies and shows on Netflix.  I started off searching for Apocalyptic movies and began the month with, Left Behind.  After watching, Left Behind I watched a couple episodes … [Read More...]

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