For Dummies Season 7

Life is back as we know it here in our home. Kids are back in school! YEEESSSSS! Things are flowing as planned. Also, For Dummies Season 7 has been released. To view previous Seasons click here

My daughter is now in her Junior year of High school. This past summer she was busy traveling from State to State with her AAU Basketball Team. 10 States minimum and with that came a lot of working out. Not to mention she also was very busy during her school year as well. With all this practice came some weight loss! WOOHOO!!!!! This is very exciting for us because the past 11 years she has struggled with obesity/overweight issues. She loss 20lbs weighing her in at 181lbs. Last year when she had her athletic physical she weighed 191lbs. Just by looking at her you would assume that she’s loss at least 40lbs but that’s because she also grew taller, 6’1 1/2 is now her actual height.  Which is another big deal here in our family because she has passed my father in height. Just imagine her rubbing that in his nose.

Any-who! On her first day of school kids were amazed at her weight loss. Some claim that they didn’t know who she was. After talking with her tonight, she says her weight loss was the topic in class. The KICKER leads to our FOR DUMMIES BOOK! One student grabbed her arm in the hall and said, “What happened to you? Are you SICK?” BRRRRRRRR!!! WRONG ANSWER!!!!!!!! Kids can be so cruel & so can some adults. Learning how to ask someone something you want to know about them……. or not asking AT ALL!!!!! Are essential SOCIAL SKILLS we should have all learned at the age of 3!

It’s so important to teach our children to be careful what they say to people. In doing so, it will build important social qualities when they become adults. Adults can say some of the dumbest things too! Maybe someone did lose weight but should we say:

“Are you starving yourself?”
“Did you have that surgery?”
“WOW!!!!You look so much better because you were FAT!”



How about this…

“Wow! You sure look nice!” 

Maybe leaving it at that.  Unless we may want info for our own journey in weight loss. 

Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of some one’s outrageous comments. What comment have you heard that has disturbed you? Or maybe you may have said something and didn’t realize what you said until after it was said?


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  1. oh, don’t get me started. People are stupid, rude and thoughtless. And they have no care for other people’s feelings. It’s hard not to take it personally, but unfortunately that’s the only way not to be hurt by these dummies.

  2. How great for the weight loss! I think kids do not know how to say a nice thing because too many parents do not know how to say a nice thing!

  3. Honestly, how hard is it to say. Hey, you look fabulous!

  4. Thats really awesome about her weight loss!

    Unfortunately there are rude people EVERYWHERE!

  5. Oh my goodness…how RUDE!

  6. Thanks a lot. What you are saying is so true. People are never satisfied with us that’s why we must be satisfied with ourselves

  7. Congrats to you daughter. She deserves to be happy that her hard work has paid off. I agree kids can be so cruel…some adults too!

    I was always thin and people would say I looked sickly or that I needed to eat. I remember hearing kids talking about me in the halls in school and making fun of how muscular my calves were (because I was a ballet dancer). It doesn’t matter if you are muscular, healthy, naturally thin or naturally more shapely, kids will find something to poke fun of in school.

    I think if you survive high school you can survive just about anything!

  8. Thanks! Sounds like an interesting book.

  9. She practiced at the least 5 times a week. A minimum of 16 games a week. During her normal school year she practiced with all the girls BBall team, Fresh, Soph & Varsity. Also, she plays Volleyball during her off season.

  10. Please tell your daughter to share the secrets… I need to lose about 20-30 pounds my self!!

  11. Congratulations to your daughter! This totally reminds me of the book that I just reviewed on my blog, Overweight: What Kids Say: What’s Really Causing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic Kids don’t want to hear negative responses like the ones you mentioned in this article.

  12. I’m so, so sorry someone said that to your daughter!

  13. Geez, how insensitive and tactless!!!! Congrats to her on improving her health!

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