WTFlashback? Would I do if I didn’t have a Rear View mirror with compass?

WTFlashback? Would I do if I didn’t have a Rear View mirror with compass?

As my Grandma would say,”up the creek with out a paddle!”    Drifting far from the oceans shore (I think those are the words to the song).  You get my drift? Get it? Drift? LOL

I remember riding in the car with my Grandma and she asked if I knew which direction we were driving?  Um…No.  She began to explain…………  OK! OK!  I knew North, South, East & West.  However, I couldn’t comprehend that on a flat surface.  My head is North, Feet; South,Left Hand;West, Right Hand;East.  Turn around.  Does the rule still apply?  Now my Right Hand is West & my Left Hand is East.  My feet are the same unless I’ve turned around & stood on my head.


Hope you don’t think I’m crazy but as I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m saying to myself, SELF!!! all you had to do is visualize yourself laying down.  BUT??  Wait!  Drop me off in the middle of a neighborhood that I absolutely know nothing about! 

I’m up the creek with out a paddle!!!!!  You get my drift?

Which brings me to WTFlashback I’d do without a Rear View mirror with compass?  I’d be up a CREEK!  Without a PADDLE that’s WHAT!

Thankfully my car has a Rear View mirror with compass.  I know it’s not my dream Range Rover BUT!  My car has a compass!!!!!  It’s so funny because just this summer I was dropping one of my daughter’s team mates off & the compass went out.  I almost went into a PANICK!  Not to mention this was my first time dropping her off.  Nevertheless, kids these days with their technology.  She used the GPS on her phone to guide us to her house. I never knew what happen and why the compass went out but a few days later it began working again.  Whewwwww.

What gadgets help ease the Panick Attacks in your life?  Is there anything you have & if it just stopped working, you will be completely lost without it?  Do tell.


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  1. Ha! When a girl helps a women navigate using her PHONE…now that’s a sign of the times!

  2. I always get my sense of direction by orienting myself with Lake Michigan. Once I move, I’m screwed!

  3. @Motpg, my tire always appear low too but I have no clue how to use a tire gauge! Sad right? I couldn’t live without air conditioners LOL. I love Pizza too. Especially on Friday.

  4. I’ve seriously been sitting here thinking and couldn’t come up with a gadget but then I remembered my tire guage. I am a nail magnet and always think my tires look low. I’m terrified of getting flats. The only thing I can’t live without is a fan. I have to sleep with one. And maybe pizza…..

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