WTFlashback? I’d never forget Koolaid!

Hey Kool Aid

Last week my WTFlashback was Tang.  I received a few comments about Kool Aid.  Most of you all said you drank more Kool Aid than Tang.  I agree!  Most of the time I had Tang was at my Grandma house.  Kool Aid!!!!I’d never forget Kool Aid, we drink it at least once  a week now.  Being African American, growing up, Kool Aid was our soft drink.  We also have jokes about Kool Aid.  Stacie from Coupon Sista also said they had the Kool Aid pitcher growing up.  I wish we did have the pitcher!  Not to mention I wouldn’t have mind having Kool Aid Man tear down my wall…..


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  1. kool aid was the drink of choice…two packets of flavor in one thing as it the extra kick…

  2. Girl, you know we had to mix it up. Cherry & Lemonade- our favorite! And Tropical Punch too.
    And that Kool Aide pitcher? My mom saved up all the Kool Aide points to get it in the mail (and we had a drawer full of them).

  3. AHHHHHH KOOL AID……. weird.. my kids love it but its premade comes in a jug.. not the powder like WE knew…. Im sure you can still get it in powder form though

  4. Oh yes, cherry Kool Aid with double the sugar suggested. I remember making it with my friends before they even came out with the sugar added packs. I didn’t let my kids have it because it was so messy. I’m so mean.

  5. 🙁 we weren’t allowed to have Kool aid or Tang or Nestle Quick. Milo was the only “fun” drink I had growing up. I loved the commercial of the Kool aid man busting into people’s homes.

  6. Oh yeah!!! We had the pitcher too….dang those were the days!!!

  7. @liz, Liz your parents didn’t want you bouncing off the wall.LOL

  8. @Ronni R, hey Ronni! That is hilarious!!!!!The things we did as kids.

  9. HEY, KOOL-AID!!! Kool-Aid was a staple in Af-Am homes!! Girl, I used to stack up blocks in my room, force my cousin to sit on the other side of the “wall” and yell, “Hey, Kool-Aid!” so I could come crashing through. rofl!!

  10. We were never allowed Kool-Aid! Just Country Time Lemonade.

  11. I never had Kool-aid growing up but we sure did have Tang! Loved it 🙂 I did not have Kool-aid until I got together with my husband. He likes the flavor “red” aka the brotha flava. Lawd!!! 🙂


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