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September was National Coupon Month.  I admit I’m not a faithful coupon clipper but I envy those that are.  Although, being a family of five, I’m always looking for the best way to maximize my grocery shopping.  Looking in our local sales papers, taking inventory so that I won’t purchase something we already have or preparing a grocery list are just a few ways I try to stay on budget. 

Last month I was contacted by a representative of Dominick’s to try out a new program they are rolling out called “just for u“.  This program allows you to save money based on your purchasing history.  This solved one of my main reasons for not clipping coupons frequently.  Most of the coupons I see in the sales paper, my family doesn’t eat.  When signing up with the just for u program, you link your Dominick’s Fresh Value card with your “just for you” account and that’s when the savings begin.

There are 3 ways to save!

1. Coupon Center– This is were you get your digital coupons.  Yep! No more clipping coupons.  Coupon Center is the largest grocery coupon site in North America.  Once signing into the Dominick’s site, click on the coupon center, peruse the coupons, click the add button & the coupon is automatically added to you Fresh Value Card. 

2.Personalized Deals– These deals are good for up to 90 days.  They are either something you’ve recently purchased or some items that you have added to your deals list.  **It also has an expiration date so you will know when your deal ends.  You may also click the add button to add them to your list as well.

3.Your Club Specials– These are the items that are currently Fresh Values.  Again you click the add button and add them to your list.

Once you have completed browsing the was you will save, either print your list or do the Green thing & email it to your mobile phone. 

Pros: Program is excellent!  As I said before, I avoided clipping coupons because the items we use I could never find a coupon for.  We’ve brought enough Gatorade to fill a small swimming pool!  Since gatarode is one of the items I purchased, the coupon savings is on my personalized deals list for up to 90 days.   

Cons: While shopping I noticed some of the sale price items required you to buy multiple of that item in order to receive the lowest discounted price.  Although, you still receive a savings, it’s just not the lowest savings.  That was a slight draw back for me.  As a member I would like to receive the lowest price without over extending my budget. 

Now, I have something “just for u“!  I have two $25.00 Dominick’s gift cards for 2 of my readers.  This is how you can win….Leave a comment on how you think the “just for u” program will benefit you.  Giveaway will close on October 29th at 11:59pm. 1 entry per person


Disclosure: I received (8) $25.00 Dominck’s gift cards for myself & to giveaway to my readers in exchange to review the “just for u” program.  These are my honest opinions and views of the “just for u” program.



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