Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera Review

One of my daughter’s request for her 3rd Birthday was a camera.  Yep!  A camera!  We take a lot of pictures &  she likes getting in on the action.    We asked her what were some of the things she will like to have for her birthday and a camera was at the top of her wish list. 

Yesterday I went out in search for a camera.  Whenever I’m in search for something specific, I go were “specific” is in the name.  Toys R Us!  They had a few to choose from in her age category.  However, the one that caught my attention was the Fisher Price, Kid Tough Digital Camera.  When I saw the word Tough! Tough! Tough! All that I could think about was… Drop! Drop! Drop!  That’s intentional inevitable with any child.


  • Child Friendly Controls (big buttons)
  • Viewfinder for easy use
  • Stores 1000 + digital images
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 128 MB built in memory
  • Study dual hand grips
  • Photo Editing Software to download
  • Turns of automatically if left on
  • USB cord not included

The large buttons are truly kid friendly!  She learned really fast how to use them & how to scroll through the pictures that she had taken.  We haven’t downloaded the software yet.  Hopefully, this week we’ll get a chance to spend time allowing her to edit some of her works of art. 

If, you’re the parent of a 3-7 yr old, what forms of technology has your child been introduced to?  Do you find the items child friendly? If yes, which features were child friendly?  If not, how could it have been improved?

Disclosure:  This item was purchased by us to give to our daughter for her Birthday.


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  1. They are really cool. She works with it really well.

  2. I love the big chunky buttons on there!

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