She’s a Cutie

I was given the opportunity to review a Cupcake Cuties Kit.  The name says it all!  She’s truly a cutie.  Excuse me for calling the cupcake a she but something this cute, has to have her own personality.  Not only is she adorable but she’s easy to dress up in all of her accessories.  The Cupcake Cuties Kit comes with everything you need to adorn a cupcake.  All you will have to supply is the cupcake and frosting.  As you look at my video below, you’ll notice I used a muffins.  There’s a good explanation for my madness.  My Mom was over for the Christmas holiday and I made her a dozen pumpkin muffins to take home with her.  So, you know I had to make some for us as well.  And my kids seem to like frosting on their muffins. 

Let me tell you more about these cuties. 

My 3yr old had a ball helping me dress them up.  Check out our video below. Disclosure: I was given the Cupcake Cuties Kit to review and this is my honest opinion



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