Pancakes Fresh From The Oven

No matter how much I enjoy cooking a creative meal for my family, there  are a few things I continuously have a hard time perfecting. Rice, I make Uncle Ben look like Uncle Sam, potato salad & pancakes.

Every time I make pancakes it would always end in tragedy! I know. Wait until they’re filled with holes on top & flip them over. Been there done that & it never turns out the same way twice.

So, a couple weeks ago I was cooking pancakes & was thinking that I needed to buy a pancake griddle. Then I thought about the way I’ve been frying my fish lately.(That’s another post) the light bulb came on! That’s it! I’ll put them in the oven!

Step 1 preheat oven 450 (yep 450)
Step 2 mix up batter (in this batch I added frozen blueberries)

My little helper

Step 3 take a cookie sheet or any other oven pan you may have. I use the pan that came with my stove. I think it’s intended for broiling.
Step 4 lightly coat your cooking surface with vegetable oil.
Step 5 place cookie sheet in oven without pouring pancake mix on it. This is to get it nice and hot.
Step 6 take cookie sheet out of oven.
Step 7 pour pancake mix on sheet. (Large or small it’s up to you)

Step 8 place in oven.
Step 9 after 2minutes check on them. What your looking for is for the top of the pancake to look smooth & done. They’re not going to be done but this will let you know to flip them over. Flip them over & allow to cook for another 2 to 3 minutes on the opposite side.

There you have it! Some beautiful pancakes. I’ll NEVER EVER! Cook pancakes the traditional way again.


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  1. Oh these look so good! You have now made me want to go make some of these!!

  2. Stopping by from UBP – great recipe! Those look absolutely delicious. 🙂 Thanks for visiting Commentarista!

  3. says:

    YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Those look SO GOOD! I would probably BURN THEM!
    NOT KIDDING 🙁 I am following you…I would LOOOVE for you to follow me:)

    I would LOVE to have you link up to my PARTY! WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!!

    And I have a party button you can grab and put on your blog so your friends can come too:)



  4. I had no idea that was even possible! I must try these!

  5. Congrats on perfecting pancakes! Seems simple
    You could definitely corner the market with oven
    Good job.

  6. I never before heard of oven-baked pancakes. That is neat!

  7. you are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!I never thought of doing french toast like that!

  8. What’s an oven? LOL! I’ve never tried this with pancakes, but there IS a french toastish recipe, for the oven. I’ve actually made it and it was great. (even with me doing it) What did I do with that recipe?

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