What your stylist won’t tell you. Part 1

Have you ever felt as though someone wasn’t telling you the whole truth?  Or, there had to be more to the story?  Well, I’m about to tell you somethings that your stylist may never tell you.  Some of these things you may already know yourself but if you think about it……did a stylist tell you or did you have to figure it out yourself?

Now, before someone gets it twisted and think I’m out to bash hairstylist!  That’s far from it.  I’m a licensed professional and any licensed professional that takes pride in their profession, would have probably already educated you on many of the things I mention.  Now, If, your stylist is, a licensed professional that does take pride in their work.  And.  They haven’t told you this…. Most likely it’s because they know you won’t listen…..Or.  They have told you and like I said.  You didn’t listen.

Part 1

Can you train naturally curly hair to become straight?

This is something I’ve over heard stylist and clients talk about often.  I cringe inside when I hear a stylist tell a client that eventually their naturally curly hair can be trained to be straight.  Lets say your hair is natural curly no matter your ethnicity.  You prefer to have your hair straightened, by way of blow drying and flat iron.  After having this process done so often your hair will lose its original curl pattern because of the use of the heat.

Is your hair trained?  No.  Your hair has been physically texturized or straightened.  Your curl pattern has loosened. 

Will your hair ever go back to it’s original state? No.  Your new growth will.  However, the rest of your hair that has had this process done numerous times will not. 

Also, depending on how hot the heat is from the blow dryer and irons will determine how soon(the number of times blow dried and flat ironed) you hair will become physically straightened.

Is there anything wrong with this process?  If, you are a stickler for your naturally curly hair, one day you will find this to be a problem.  However, If, you aren’t happy with your curly hair but don’t want to permanently straighten it.  You may not see this as a problem.  Nevertheless, we all know to much of anything can lead to a problem down the line.


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  1. I have naturally wavy hair and though it drives me nuts that I can’t just let it air dry (or it will be a horrible, frizzy mess) like some of my friends with straight hair, I’ve come to accept that my hair can be very versatile and it allows me to style it lots of different ways.

  2. I have always heard the ‘train’ your hair line. Your info makes sense. My husband just cut his locs, that he had for 8 years, and now his hair is growing with a tight curl. It was never like that before the locs. We assume the locs just changed the curl pattern? He, definitely, was not trying to make it curly.

  3. Yeah, like breakage and pink hair ; )

  4. I was one of those people who thought straight hair was the way to be. It took me years to get off the creamy crack and start liking my kinky curls. LOVE them now!

  5. I have always told my daughter to accept the hair she was born with. It adds years to your life!

  6. I can’t believe they tell people that their hair can be trained to be straight!

  7. I’m living proof. My thick, wavy hair MUST be relaxed to be straight!

  8. Funny, my 16 year old has some of the most delicious curls ever (and she dislikes them). She straightens her hair with the flat iron and the hair never gets completely straight. There is still a slight wave.

  9. Curly or straight… I just wish mine would stop falling out!

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