Chilling in the Heat

We’ve been having some HOT weather here in Chicago.  Today we’re experincing rain and some flooding on our streets.  Last night we woke up to severe thunderstorms and the wind was so high that we felt the need to wake up the kids at 3am and head down stairs.  I don’t know if I told you that my kids talk a LOT!!!!! They get it from their dad, he doesn’t think so :-/  I know so!  So, when we get every body downstairs, my son is talking like it’s 12 in the afternoon, my oldest is on her cellphone.  Yes, at 3am in the morning talking to her BFF!!!!!!! My youngest daughter is talking about her dreams!  We couldn’t wait until 3:30am to put them back in the bed!   

The storm was so severe that we kept our son home on his last day of school.  I picked up his report card when the rain slowed down and here’s what most of our streets looked like.

The picture above is our street.  As I drove to his school this is what the other streets looked like.

If this is all we get, we’re blessed!  Compared to what the rest of our world is experiencing.  So, I picked up my son’s report card and again he did well.  If you all remember last year he had to go to summer school to pass.  This year he’s been getting A’s , B’s and maybe a C here and there but GOOD!  Now I’m the mom of a Senior, 5th grader and one that may be home with me for another year.

So let’s get to how we’ve been keeping cool during these hot days. 

I picked up some water ballons the other day.  My oldest daughter and I went to the dollar store and had plotted to attack my husband and son with water balloons.  I stayed outside and filled them up while she kept watch inside.  We called them outside and you should have seen my husbands face when he saw what we were doing.  It was priceless!  OK. So tell me this….how did I end up soak and wet and he didn’t have any balloons?  He ambushed us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the next day we all played together.

The picture above:  I went to get my husband some popcorn and when I returned, the hose was running and this was what I captured.  This is what happens when I leave them home with dad!  Believe it or not, our itty bitty pool and the water balloons keep us chilling 😉  What have you ben doing to stay cool?


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  1. Oh, you guys built your own water park! It’s 100 degrees here so it’s too hot to go outside. we’re bored!

  2. I love your pics girl! Sorry your son missed the last day of school.
    Looks like you staying cool!

  3. I try to only go outside long enough to get in the car and go someplace else that’s air conditioned. Too hot to breathe, here.

  4. Oh my goodness that is so much water!! The pictures are so cute and they look like they are having fun with the balloons!

  5. I stay cool by staying INSIDE! I greatly dislike anything over 80 degrees. I wait until 8 at night to cut the grass. Summer is NOT for a Queen like me 🙂

  6. Wow, crazy weather!! Water balloons are excellent way to keep cool – we will also be taking advantage of sprinklers and slip and slides this summer in the East Bay!!

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