Did your parents know their grandchild was missing or did they help you dispose of the body?

Unless we were under a jolted rock on yesterday, many of us have heard about the verdict in the Casey Anthony(Cassy) case.  Honestly, I hadn’t followed the case much after I heard little Caylee was first know to be missing and her body was found.  Despite the fact I didn’t follow the case I made my own judgements.  What mom doesn’t report her child missing unless there’s some foul play involved?!  With me not having any emotional attachment you may deliberate my post irrelevant if you in fact have deep-seated attachment to the case.  Per contra, that’s not going to stop me from giving my point of view 🙂

After hearing excerpts of the case I can honestly see how a jury can say, “Not Guilty”.  There were some serious twist and turns!!!!! Don’t you agree?!  From Casey accusing her father and brother of incest.  As well as them saying the brother would have submitted to a paternity test of Caylee Anthony(eyebrows raised)!  Of course that has nothing to do with the case if they in fact had nothing to do with Caylee’s murder, but if it did mean other members of the family were involved it shows deficiency in credibility.

Before anyone takes this the wrong way!  I’m the mother 3 children of my own so my heart goes out to Caylee and by any means necessary I would want justice served if you cut one strand of hair off of their head without my permission!  This should have never happened to her along with numerous children that are beaten and murdered!  As I spoke with my husband last night, although this mother has been declared not guilty, the torment she will endure the rest of her life, sorrows me.  I didn’t say I feel sorry for her.  I feel sorrow for her and every other mother that we’ve heard about that has possibly or has taken the life of their child.  I feel this lamenting because when and if, this person ever recognizes what they have done if, they have done wrong!  The hell they put them self through will beat the hell out of what anyone of us could make them feel. 

You may call this the part that I preach or piss you off

I don’t have statistics but trust and believe the numbers are numerous.  Which leads us to the title of my post…..Did your parents know their grandchild was missing or did they help you dispose of the body?  We know somebody is guilty in this case because a baby is dead.  The same as when a young woman walks in the abortion clinic to terminate the pregnancy of her baby.  Now, I’m not going to talk about when do you actually believe life begins because based on our beliefs, results in our actions, convictions and that would cause a great debate.  Let’s say we all believed that life began at conception.  The child in the womb is no different from a 2 yr old, right?  If, I could cover up my foul play no one would know I’m guilty.  Maybe I’ll hide it from my parents and maybe I won’t.  Maybe they’ll help me cover up my mess because grandma is not ready to play!

I said it in the begining of this post, I’ll be the first to judge if you mess with something of mines!  I really would!  It’s so easy to judge when i’m not wearing your shoes and you’re not wearing mine.  In any case, justice has not been served or was it?


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  1. To be very honest, I have tried not to follow this. It is such a horrible thing when a child is harmed and I don’t want to think about what that little girl went through.

    I am trying so hard not to judge but I was devastated that this little girl didn’t get any justice.

  2. For three long years, I have followed this, hoping and praying for justice for that innocent, precious child. There was NO JUSTICE! The only thing that gives me one ounce of comfort, is knowing that baby will never, ever suffer again. Because I have very strong feelings, that’s all I will say. I still haven’t recovered from the verdict.

  3. someone is guilty and if you mess with my kids…ooo…its on for sure…ha. but child abuse sucks…got a post coming tomorrow about it…i deal with it all the time…and sometimes victims hide it for their perps if its family…and many times psychological warfare has been used….ugh…i will leave it here as i could spiral on a while…nice post…

  4. This whole case is sad…whether or not she murdered her child, her life is ruined. The entire world will forever judge her and she will pay in various ways for what happened to her child.

  5. I don’t think it was. But the whole thing was one of the biggest messes I’ve ever seen. The most tragic part is that whatever happened, no one will be held responsible for what happened to this child.

  6. I’ve been following the case a little and was surprised by the verdict. Also sorrow. I just found the whole situation tragic. I felt especially bad for the parents. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything, but I never thought they were involved. And to have your own daughter accused of killing your grandchild. I can’t think of an thing worse.

  7. This sentence…”I didn’t say I feel sorry for her. I feel sorrow for her…” is exactly how I feel about Casey Anthony. Whether her Caylee accidentally drowned or she was murdered her on purpose is something we will probably never know. It’s just sad.

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