Date night at our favorite restaurant

We were so privileged to get rid….oops I mean have the kids spend the weekend with grandma, my oldest was in Tennessee at a tournament and we were home alone! WooHo!

So, hub & I went to our favorite restaurant Friday night.  It’s called Hamadas, a Japanese restaurant were they cook the food in front of you while you sit at a table with seven strangers.

My husband thinks I don’t eat all my food so I can bring my doggie bag home to my puppies.  Actually I do.Even though they weren’t home, I saved my leftovers for them and they didn’t come home until Saturday night.  You would have thought they sniffed it out.  The first thing my son says at 10pm at night, “I’m hungry what’s to eat.”

Do you love bringing home leftovers? If not for the kids, but so you can have something to eat later or the next day?

Ps I know this pic is irrelevant, but I’m loving the pics on my phone & the pics it takes.  😉



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  1. Awww how nice. Those times seem so rare, the moment Hubby and I can get a word in…

  2. I almost always have to get a doggie bag when I go out to eat, but then it means more yummy food the next day. So glad you and your hubby had such a wonderful weekend with just the two of you!

  3. I’m glad you got a night out! My husband and I had a very romantic trip to Sizzler a few weeks ago. I’m not a huge fan of leftovers, but if they smelled good, I’m sure my kids would gobble them up!

  4. if there are leftovers they are surely coming home…smiles. lunch for me, not the animals…lol

  5. I am so bad…I usually eat my leftovers that night. HAHA!

  6. This was one of the pics loaded on my phone, but yes it take pics like that!!!!!YAY!!!!LOL I took some last week when i was downtown. I’ll post soon. 🙂

  7. Your phone took that? Amazing!

    I very rarely enjoy the leftovers I bring home from a restaurant. They just don’t hold up well to me, but I love leftovers from home cooking.

    Glad you had a fun night out!!! Alone!

  8. That’s something I’d love to do. Sneak away by myself for lunch. They have lunch specials too. 🙂

  9. yay for date nights! you know what’s funny? I’ve been on a Japanese food kick for the last month. I’ve been haunting this restaurant Natsumi every Friday for lunch. LOL!
    I love leftovers! The meal always tastes better the second time around.

  10. Sounds like you all had such a nice evening! That picture is so pretty!!

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