Phlox Bloom


Aren’t they beautiful?  I received a very very small piece (1piece) of this Phlox over 5 yrs ago from a client.  I didn’t know its potential & planted it by my garage.  A couple years passed & I moved it.  A year later I moved it again and again.  The year before last I planted 2 in front of my house.  How did I end up with 2?  Because when I moved it one of those times the roots were still in the ground & the next year it came back.  So, then there were 2 Phlox.

The year that I planted them in front, my grandma came over and said, “dig me up that one”!   So I dug up that one and then there was 1 Phlox.

The following year they both came back & the one from the one I dug up in the back, came back too.  So, now I have 3 Phlox.  Man!  Wish my money would multiply like that!



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  1. You have such a green thumb. You go girl!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I can’t believe those have kept coming back after you have dug them up. That is one quality plant.

  3. Oh Nicole, these are just beautiful!!! I have to try and find them. thank you for sharing.

  4. It’s gorgeous! What a great gift that turned out to be!

  5. Oh it is just beautiful and I love that color!! You must have a really green thumb!!

  6. dude can you imagine if money did that?!!

  7. Yes, I could use some multiplying money too! Your flowers are beautiful. I’ve never tried phlox before, but maybe I should. I’ll just plant it where I killed my delphinium.

  8. I absolutely love Phlox, but I haven’t had nearly the luck you’ve had with them. They’re just beautiful!

  9. @Ms. A: actually they it didn’t. She planted hers in a pot & it didn’t come back last year. She was over the beginning of the summer & I gave her another piece. So, we’ll see what happens. I think she planted this one in the ground.

  10. @Motpg: I don’t have any hydrangas and just planted my first hibiscus 2 yrs ago. They are gorgeous! I know you were sick!!

  11. @Shelly: Absolute, that’s the best way to get them. Especially from mature plants. It’s a empty house around the corner with these huge ferns. I’d love to have a piece of one!

  12. They are gorgeous! We get all of our flower plants bootleg style from a family member in Atlanta. He digs up a few plants each time we visit. We are hoping for lots of bloom and color in the years to come!

  13. Those are gorgeous. They remind me a little of my hydrangia. I could really use some good fill plants like that right now because we had a hibiscus massacre two winters in a row and I have gaping empty spots.

  14. They look lovely! Are your grandmother’s growing well, too?

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