Chicago Sky, Sweaty Wrist Bands & Letterman Jacket



Daughter: Look! (Pointing at her bookbag.)
Son: (reaching for it)
Daughter: Don’t touch it! It’s wet from sweat!
Son: Who’s sweat is it! Who’s sweat is it! (In midst of reaching depending on who’s sweat is it. Then he bends down to smell it.)
Daughter: Tamera Young. She gave it to me.
Me: (looking like… WTFrenchtoast)

Yesterday my daughter’s basketball team went to see our very own Chicago Sky WNBA basketball team play against the Atlanta Dream.  Our team lost by 3pts, but at the end of the game my daughter and her team were yelling to the players, “good game!” Tamera Young threw her wrist bands to them. My daughter caught one and another player caught the other one.

The last picture is of her new letterman jacket.


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  1. woo hoo congrats on the letterman jacket…and how cool on the wristband as well…

  2. Did she let him touch when it was dry or is that off limits for good? The jacket is awesome! I agree with GGM and Ms.A, someday : )

  3. Love that jacket!

  4. Wow what a blessing to have been able to catch one of them. Her new jacket looks awesome!!

  5. That is too cute! I’m still waiting for Jimmy Buffet to throw one of his wristbands to me at a concert! HA!

  6. Oh my gosh that is so funny!! 🙂 Congrats to her on catching it though

  7. You know I love when girls are passionate about sports!

  8. How cool! Well as cool as sweat from another human can be. Awesome Letterman’s jacket!

  9. Just think, someday she might be tossing her sweaty wristbands to one of her adoring fans! (thank goodness it was wristbands and not underwear)

  10. I don’t think I would want to touch it either…that’s pretty cool though that she got to catch it 🙂

  11. Good thing she warned him away from the sweat! She loves her ball, doesn’t she?

  12. Too funny! I love that she is protecting her sweaty wrist band. I think your daughter may be the one inspiring other girls in the future.


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