Mama Rant ~ Service Repair Fail (Vlog)


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  1. BBB Nicole! Report Them! That’s ridiculous. My husband has been waiting a month for a part for the air conditioner that went out in a brand new car. It will get in about the time the weather is hitting 75 instead of 95. I sometimes think service is gone for good.

  2. The first thing to pop into my my is COMCAST! Grrrrrrrr!

    Girl, I’m impressed that you can vlog (coherently) and drive. I can’t talk on the phone or to anyone in the car, and drive.

  3. LOL. I know it’s not funny, but did you breathe during the entire rant?! You were so worked up I don’t recall seeing you take a breath! Where were you driving?

  4. I probably would have broken down and gone to the laundromat, but I would have been furious!

  5. there is no way i could drive and rant to a camera at the same time… might test my auto insurance deductable…ugh…i cant stand insurance…i know it is good. but they seem to try to suck you out of it when you need it…but this is the reair guy…would have been…mmm, yeah just imagine as i dont want to go completely off on a hypothetical…lol…ugh not putting in the order fo another repair man…that would be a long survey response…

    yes, we need to see more poetry…smiles.

  6. Girl, I hate bad customer service!!! I hope your dryer gets fixed soon!

  7. Girl, I’m glad you got it out! I’m impressed you can make a video and drive at the same time! How frustrating! I would have filled out that survey too and probably made some not so nice phone calls. The time where we’ve had the worst experiences was when we were contracting people to finish our basement. My husband paid one guy upfront and he never came back. Our plumber didn’t have a clue what he was doing. We had to have everything fixed later. Anyhow, too bad people act that way.

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