Decade Day: Towel Coat


I don’t know if I should be concerned that this coat is about 20 years old. Or the fact that me still having it in my closet should raise some concern!

Today is Decade Day at my daughter’s school and I don’t think she thought twice about asking me to wear this jacket.  She asked if I thought her classmates would know what it was. I said, “If, they don’t their parents would or her teachers if they were from the hood. LOL

You know how everyone has things from the past that they refuse to get rid of. Like albums, cassette tapes…..etc. I think this is my thing I refuse to get rid of. Do you have one of those things?


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  1. FlyGemini says:

    OMG, I just thought about these for some reason and searched Google for a picture. I begged my mother for one and I was so happy when I got it. She just threw it away like 5 years ago. I should have held on to it. Like someone mentioned, I think it was only a Chicago thing. There was always a stupid trend every year. I remember those stupid ugly hat/jacket combos. They had them in all these ugly prints and the hat had a ball on the top lol

  2. cenzollini says:

    one of twista’s associates used to have on his myspace page of old photos of them rocking towel coats in the 90s. sadly he took them down and myspace is a graveyard anyway. it’s a not so clear picture but this old crucial conflict album cover has them rocking towel coats and metero man dyed hair styles

  3. The original makers still make them.. jay boogie @fashion firm

  4. Quentin Hewitt says:

    You should post a good picture of this. This is very very very rare right now. As if you didnt live in the midwest mainly Chicago, these are extinct. Ive looked everywhere just for a picture. You are the only one this side of the hemisphere to show a photo.

  5. I get that question a lot. Let me think about it 🙂

  6. P.S. Clearly We are all from Chicago! Lol!

  7. Are you interested in selling? Or giving it away? I am trying to bring back my past obsessions and this was one of them! This is a serious inquiry. I had a Mickey Mouse one and my sister had Daffy fuck! What size is it? Please hit me up at

  8. I wanted to bring it back and buy my daughter one does anyone know where I can buy one or get it made

  9. hi…my name is gina,im turning 30 november 9th and im having a 90’s party in Chicago. i saw ur post on the internet. is there ANY WAY i can buy that coat from u PLEEEEEEEEEASE!I ready need to shut the party down n that coat would REALLY help. call me 77

  10. Wow this is adorable and I agree it looks like it is in great condition!!

  11. OMG…that is hilarious!!

  12. I laughed so hard when I saw that photo! Is that Fly McDuck? Oh geez. Those were the days. I found a pair of Cross Colour jeans at my mom’s house on my last visit. Did they fit? Not a chance.

  13. Love it! LOL! I was never cool enough to have one of these, but I want one now. 🙂

  14. @Judy: she said a.couple kids knew what it was and.a.couple teachers.

  15. So did anyone know who was on the jacket?

    I tend to keep anything my grandpa gave me…most other things I’m now terribly sentimental about.

  16. I don’t get rid of anything, so I guess EVERYTHING!

  17. Darkwing Duck, let’s get dangerous, lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  18. @Motpg: LOL

  19. @blueviolet: LOL. I keep it in a garment bag. I probably wore it only one season because once the style played.out it was on to the next. This is the only on I’ve kept.

  20. How come it’s still in like new condition???

  21. I have a house full! Love the jacket : )

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