What do President Obama & Facebook have in common?

As many of you know I never talk about politics on my blog.  With the combination of PMS, approaching 40, seeing Red Tails and Face Book turning into a political headquarters, I knew it was time to express my personal opinion.

Over the past week we’ve all seen our friends express their political opinions and that should be respected.  However, some of the things I’ve seen to tear down the character of our current President usually is a picture pointing out the dumbest thing! Like this picture here

Really? Because he doesn’t have his hand over his heart he’s not suitable to be a leader? If we took a survey of the people that stand proud with their hand over their chest while their heart is far from it, half of the nation should sit down!  Do we know what possible took place before this?  Could he have just came from a meeting or had something on his mind?  People are trying there best to find something wrong with him that they don’t see him as a human.

As I saw others post pictures like this

When I saw this picture filter through my feed I thought…..Those that hate President Obama for no apparent reason are haters. I recently saw an article on the Internet about how people get sad when they see their friends post happy pictures on Face Book.  Sounds strange, but I believe it’s true.  If they don’t get sad, they just won’t like you.  They think…who the hell does she think she is, Martha Stewart?!  Or your post may be too positive.  You never rant and you never post personal status about the struggles in your life.   Then they say, “She think she has it all together!  Yet, they torture themselves by making a point to visit your page daily to further drive themselves mad.  Utter foolishness. However, this is the mindset of those that don’t have a reason to dislike him. Of course there’s the obvious reasons to be against the President, he’s pro choice, he’s a Democrat and I’m sure you can add more to your list of dislikes and I respect those differences.  However, I believe he should be respected as the President of The United States.

Like this totally disrespectful Arizona Governor Jan Brewer all up in the President face

What’s wrong with this pic? The President being the man he is walks off. You know if this was a woman President………….There’s gonna be to hits….I’m gonna hit her and she’s gonna hit the floor!!!!!She would forget she ever wrote a book!

Lastly, we have Mr Newt that calls President Obama the Food Stamp President. What?!!!!  According to Bloomberg.com food stamp use has increased 46% since 2008, a month before President Obama took office.  Many Americans would starve today if it wasn’t for the supplement of the welfare system.   The loss of jobs have changed many of our lives drastically and if we’re going to be insensitive and think that those receiving food stamps are inferior!  Beware of the day that you find yourself standing in the WELFARE line!  Every day I drive my kids to school I’m reminded that it can be anyone of us.  The empty homes in our community remind me of that.




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  1. Wow! You really believe that. I agree to disagree with you on that.

  2. Come on Facebook chatter? Obama has had his time in office, now it’s time to give somebody else a chance to run things. Let’s be honest, things have gotten MUCH worse under his term, and it’s not just because he “inherited” lots of problems from George W.

  3. I totally agree…he was the man chosen to lead this country and we all need to respect that.

  4. well said. No matter who the President is that person deserves the respect that comes with that title. I am so tired of seeing people treat and talk about President Obama like he’s “The Help.” Yeah, I said it. It’s insulting to the man and to the office!

  5. I don’t discuss politics. I always just hope and pray that whoever is elected President, will do the best job possible as a leader.

  6. I never discuss politics on the blog, Facebook etc for the simple reason of all the ignorant fools out there posting such vicious things. Regardless of who our president has been over the years, I always maintain class and never act a plum fool like we have been witnessing in recent times. Like my husband says, “If you are not happy with the President, our country or anything else for that matter take your a$$ overseas”. I guess then they would surely see that the grass in not always greener on the other side. I tell you Nicole, this whole thing has been so annoying and unnecessary. I just bite my tongue.

  7. I am a registered independent and one of the reasons is because I get so tired of both parties playing games and being so concerned with tearing each other down. We all have the issues that are most important to us and I agree with you about people using petty things to criticize instead of simply backing up whatever they stand for because they believe in it.

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