Arsenic Found In Infant Formula, Cereal/Energy Bars & High Energy Foods Used By Endurance Athletes

Not to long ago most of you heard about arsenic found in apple juice and grape juice.  This hit home for us because our youngest would drink grape juice.  I stopped buying it immediately and now we stick to milk, water and other juice flavors every no and then.

Arsenic strikes again!  My husband called to notify my about arsenic being found in infant formula, cereal/energy bars and high energy foods used by endurance athletes.  Infant formula and cereal/energy bars that use Organic brown rice syrup which is being used as a sweetener in organic food products is introducing the arsenic into the product.  I purchase cereal bars & sports drinks on a weekly basis so the kids will have something to snack on after practice and games. Now, I have to make sure I read the packaging to see what is the primary ingredient and that they don’t contain OBRS.  Actually, I’m tempted to go to the store tonight to read the ingredients on all of the cereal/energy bar packaging.

Do you have to purchase any of these products for you or your family?


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  1. Ulysses Bruley says:

    Energy bars, like all food, supply the body with physical energy, as measured in calories or joules. Energy drinks, by contrast, are intended to improve mental energy by stimulating the central nervous system, usually with moderate to large doses of caffeine.:;

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    <a href="

  2. What in the world is safe these days? I don’t have any of those products in my house at the moment though. Whew!

  3. You know, I just bought some apple juice and forgot all about this!

  4. The arsenic that is being discovered is not the poisonous kind. Organic arsenic occurs naturally in soil and water. It still sounds scary though, which more people are switching to a diet of non-processed food. Anything you can buy at the grocery store can be made at home.

  5. @Judy: it surely is!!! Not to mention they’re hidden behind the word organic. Which would have us think it can be trusted.

  6. That’s scary! I think the formula is most disturbing to me…all parents want to do is protect their babies and they can’t even trust some formulas?!

  7. I think your research will lead you to find that it will be in more things than you can imagine. Many potentially dangerous things are not only in the food we eat, but the products we use, as well.

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