Headline: Promzilla gets a beat down






I think we’re all familiar with the television show Bridezilla, the daughter, sister or BFF that we’d love to hate on her special day.  I couldn’t help but wonder was Bridezilla a Promzilla in her teen years. If, one of my daughters, friends or reletaives everrrrr……everrrrrr……everrrrrr conducted them-self like this, I’d be M.I.A!!!!  I don’t like to take part in drama, but I  admit I love watching it on t.v.

Although my oldest hasn’t shown any Promzilla tendacies, just a little warning for my youngest because she’s a drama queen.

If you everrrrrr…..everrrrr……everrrrrr attempt to conduct your-self in this manner,  our neighborhood headlines would read….


 Promzilla gets a beat down 😉


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  1. Oh I agree. My daughters can cause drama about many things but luckily they don’t melt down or blow up about special events I’m paying for!

  2. Don’t hurt ’em Nicole!

  3. LOL! I’ve met a few Promzillas in my former line of charity work. I kept telling them that there is life after prom and they don’t want to burn any bridges

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