Fannie May Easter Basket Review/Giveaway

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Have you been looking for an Easter Basket to give to family, friends or co-workers? Look no further! Fannie May has just what you need in the chocolaty goodness department.

A taste of Fannie May History:

The first Fannie May retail store was opened by H. Teller Archibald in 1920 at 11 N. LaSalle St. in Chicago. By 1935, there were nearly four dozen retail stores in Illinois and several neighboring states. During World War II, while other companies chose to change their recipes when ingredients were scarce, Fannie May stuck with its exact recipes, making only what it could which often meant closing shops early because no more candy was available – never was the taste of the candy compromised.

Through the years Fannie May developed candies that went on to become favorites that were often the center of many family and holiday traditions. Quality has always been the driving force behind the making of Fannie May chocolates. Fannie May stands by all its products and for over 90 years has provided high quality gourmet chocolates with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

My Review










I was sent one of their baskets for review which included: a three oz. milk chocolate bunny, six oz. white chocolate bunny, 2.3 oz. peanut butter button egg, an assortment of four, two oz. cream eggs (one of each flavor: fruit & nut, chocolate butter cream “green may,” yellow butter cream and raspberry cream), seven oz. mint cookie cluster gable (individually wrapped), six oz. jelly bird eggs and three, one oz. chocolate bunny pops.

Once we all had a chance to taste the delicious treats, our expectations were indeed met.  My kids enjoyed the milk chocolate bunny pops, jelly beans and the mint cookie clusters.  I was really excited to see that the mint cookie clusters were individually wrapped which makes them easy to toss in my purse for an on the go treat.  All the other items in the basket were exceptionally delicious  and I was also glad to see that the box everything came in is reusable.  If you will like to find a Fannie May location near you, click here and enter you zip-code or feel free to place your order online.

Now, I’d like to share one of the Fannie May Easter Baskets with one of my readers.  You may enter by telling me what does Easter mean to you in the comment section below.










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  1. I just wanted to say Happy Easter my friend…He is Risen!

  2. Easter Is all about JESUS! He paid it all,they beat him,spit on him,made fun of him,and nailed him to the cross,Jesus gave his life for us. But that’s not how the story ends three days later He rose again with all power in his hands!! Now our sins are forgiven!! So Me and my Family celebrate and serve the LIVING GOD!! JESUS! Glory Hallelujah! Happy Resurrection Day!!

  3. Easter really is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. I love that my children are getting older and are more able to understand the reasons for special holidays like Easter, and it is also fun to watch them have so much fun with the eggs, and hunts & candy.

  4. Rokasha TheKasha1985 says:

    Easter is the time where my family and myself get together to celebrate Jesus dying on the cross and getting back up!

  5. Denise Gordon says:

    Easter means to me a time to reflect on what God has done for me by sending His most precious gift of all, the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus was born of a virgin, died for my sins according to the scripturess; he was buried and that he rose again with all power in his hand.

  6. I don’t enter a lot of giveaways, but I can’t resist this one. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection! That’s the most important thing to me, but I do love the fun element of the Easter egg hunts and baskets too!

  7. Easter has a special meaning to me. In my house we celebrate the death and resurection of our Lord. Because of his sacrifice we have eternal life. It’s also a great time for family, good eatin’ and lots of sweets!

    Great review by the way 🙂

  8. To me, Easter is about the resurrection of Christ. After that, it’s all about the chocolate and candy… LOL!!!

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