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When we moved in our house we had a maximum of 4 Lilly plants. After dividing and planting,dividing and planting, they’re all over the yard.

Another plant we didn’t have many of were Sedums. Now I’ve accumulated at least 4 different varieties and after drowning them with water one summer, I realized that they don’t need watering often. I have some on the side of the house that I have actually forgotten about and they do well without me touching them.

Last weekend we were out back when I noticed bees hovering around a Purple Cone Flower. It didn’t stay there long, but instead it found much interest in the Bee Balm plant. Don’t the bees look adorable? When I showed the pic to my daughter, she didn’t think so, but we’re also talking about somebody that’s scared of butterflies. After seeing how much the bees liked the Bee Balm, I looked it up in one of my garden books to learn a little more about them. The leaves of the Bee Balm are used for tea, salad and potpourri.

This is my Purple Cone Flower that I LOVE! It has finally began to flourish and I hope to divide it either this year or next year for sure.

There are two flower pots outside my front door. This one I used something from in my house that had been broken by my daughter. You see that green thingy? I still can’t remember what it’s called, that’s why I’m calling it a green thingy. LOL Any-who, instead of throwing it away I decided to use it in the flower pot and I love it there. After my daughter dropped it, it had broken at the bottom. So, instead of throwing it away I decided to use it and it worked.


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  1. Your planting skills continue to amaze me! So talented you are.

  2. Nicole, everything looks wonderful! I don’t do anything in my yard. What little is done, hubby takes care of. I don’t have the energy, or green thumbs. Last year some flowers that used to be in a hanging basket, that somehow migrated to the front beds, were going crazy and growing over the front walk. Instead of just trimming them, I pulled them up by the roots and took them to a small strip beside the pool and stuck them in the ground. I was shocked as all get out when they grew and multiplied! That never happens!

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