The Cooking Channel: Grilled T-Bones & My ‘Staple Marinade’






We’ve been grilling for the past two weeks. So, if nothing gets put on the grill this 4th of July, I’m fine with it. Last week I marinated some T-Bone Steaks and decided to throw them on the grill. Well, my husband threw them on.

Our gas grill stopped working so instead of getting another one my husband decided to gut it and turn it into a charcoal grill. We haven’t worked with charcoal grills much, if any in the past so this has definitely been a learning experience. Not to mention, I’m a girl down for the WELLLL DONE! So, leaving it in the oven, on the stove or grill for precautionary measures is a must for me!

Staple Marinate
My favorite marinade is basic Italian Dressing. Majority of the meat I cook, I marinate in Italian Dressing if not all of them. Unless I’m jerking or doing something a little different. I guess you can call Italian Dressing my ‘Staple Marinade’. It doesn’t matter which brand just give me some Italian Dressing, but in all actuality it’s usually the Aldi brand.

How I do it?
The day before I’m going to cook my meat, I unthaw it and marinate it overnight. You can put them in individual zip lock bags or a large bowl. Pour Italian Dressing on both sides of meat and place in the fridge.


The next day they’re ready to cook any which way you like.



One steak did happen to get a little charred, but we’re learning placement of the meat using the charcoal too.  Trust me…It was still good.



Bone Fall’n & Rate it

When I say, “FALL OFF THE BONE!” I mean, “FALL OFF THE BONE!”  Cooking them on the grill has been the best way to cook them so far.  I’ve used the George Foreman Grill and that was the worst.  Even after overnight marination.  On top of the stove is the other way I cook them and I would rank it #2.  Hands down the grill is #1!!!!

What your favorite way to cook your steak (If you eat steak) & how do you like them? Rare, medium rare…….


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  1. Italian dressing is funny because I would never eat it on my salad but I love marinating chicken in it!

  2. Get down girl! You are baaddd on the grill. Love the new banner, by the way.

  3. I don’t cook steak, because I would ruin it… so the best way… is for someone else to do it! However, I throw chicken in the crock pot with Italian dressing all the time!

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