It’s so hot….How hot is it? It’s so hot, I see mirages of fire.


We’ve reached Excessive Heat Warnings in Chicago this week.  Yesterday I hopped in my husband’s truck to pick up a couple things from Walmart and the outdoor temp in the truck read 103, then 104 to 105. When I made it back to the house it read 102.  I can officially say, “its hot as Hell!”

In order to stay cool…we either stay in or let the kids play in the pool. I cook lite days like these, drink lots of fluids, cool drinks, ice cream and popsicles are all on deck. What’s your weather like and what have you been doing to stay cool?


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  1. Really sucks when the weather is too hot. Glad you and your family found great ways to beat the heat. That pool really looks so cool.

  2. Teresha says:

    That’s normal Texas temperatures. Um, yeah. That’s why we left. Stay cool my friend!

  3. We have finally turned a corner after 8 days of crazy temps! I’m enjoying the 80’s today!

  4. It’s hot here, too. It’s 8:30pm and still 91 degrees. Odd thing is, it’s usually us that has the temps some of you are getting, which makes me surprised it isn’t hotter than normal here.

  5. Girl! You guys be careful in that heat! It is hot, but not that hot here!

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