Help Mama Style: Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore{Part 1}


There are some warning signs that should not be ignored. Here are some yellow lights that you must approach with caution.

1. Hair Shedding

If you are seeing more than your natural hair shedding, take action. First, you need to find the root of the problem. Have you done anything different than your normal hair regimen? Don’t ignore excessive hair shedding and don’t assume it’s normal. You can shed up to 100 hair strands a day and just because that is the maximum number, doesn’t mean that it’s normal for you. If you generally shed 25 hair strands a day, seeing 50 isn’t normal. You have doubled what is considered normal for you.

2.Hair Thinning

This is something I’ve been seeing quite a bit of lately. Might I add, you don’t have to be older to have hair thinning. Actually, I’ve been seeing this more with the younger generation. There are numerous causes of hair thinning. Age, illness, medication, stress, heredity, improper use of chemicals and/or abusing your hair. This alarm tends to go off early but isn’t taken seriously until it’s too late.

3.Hair Breakage

The difference between hair breakage and hair shedding is, where the hair loss is actually taking place.

*Hair shedding is taking place at the scalp.

*Hair breakage is taking place throughout the hair strand.

Most of the time hair breakage is caused by some form of abuse. Over Processing, heat damage and not getting hair trimmed on a regular basis, can lead to hair breakage. Of course these aren’t the only reasons, but they’re the top reasons hair breakage occurs.

Next we will talk about hair shedding. Causes, effects and some possible solutions.



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  1. I shed like crazy, which is another reason I opt for that ponytail I mentioned.

  2. Hmm… I’ve got to work on all three of these. Well at least the breakage. But it is getting better since I cut it.

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