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Home & Garden: The Kid’s Bedroom Makeover in Session

It’s about to be some paint flying, furniture moving, blue taping and please let’s not get paint on the floor, good time up in here…up in here! Well, it’s time to redo the kid’s rooms.  I’ve been asking them to pick out paint colors :-/ and give me some ideas of what they would like in their rooms. My daughter picked a pepto bismol pink. She will never know if I switch it to a different pink, I guess. My son on the other hand had to take a seat while giving me the vision for his room. Let’s just say I told him to exit stage left.  On a serious note, I told him we can work it out.

A couple weeks ago I was itching to visit Hobby Lobby. One of my favorite stores. I hadn’t been there in awhile and didn’t know they closed at 8pm. We made it there at about 7:30 and I had a little fun taking some shots of inspiration.

This mirror was in the clearance section for $99.00. Not the right fit for my daughter’s room, but cute.

These stools are so cute and they caught my attention because of the ENTER & DEL. To mature for my little girl, buuuuut CUTE!

Okay, my Attention Decorating Disorder set in and this caught my eye. When I took this picture my daughter asked me why do I always buy things that I can’t put anything in. LOL

Now, I’m in the garden.

This stool was just too cute to not take a pic of.

Which room was I looking for inspiration for?

I’m still trying to remember.

It’s coming back to me

I’m not a fan of the picture, but I love the canvas.

Those weren’t the only items that caught my attention, but 8’oclock came pretty fast. I also saw these canvases at Target and I’m noticing that canvas appears to be the in thing.

So, tomorrow we’ll start with the moving of furniture. Not sure how long it’s going to take because one minute I’m hype and the next I’m chill. Any-who I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.


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