The Cooking Channel:Got oxtails? Will travel.

Don’t know I’d I shared this vid before, but thought it was appropriate since we’re talking about oxtails.

We’re on the road this morning to go to the meat market for oxtails.  Well, not in that order.  Going to visit my grandma today and she lives a few miles from the meat market we used to go to when we lived in the city. 

My grandmother had surgery over a month ago. So, I’ve been going to visit her every week.  Every week I say I’m going to go to the meat market,but I’ll wait until the last minute to think about. 

I’m ready today! 

Not sure if you eat oxtail and if you do, you know that they’re very expensive.  When I purchase them from the grocery store, they come in a small pack with about 8 variety pieces of oxtail and they cost over $8.00.  In order to get a nice pot of soup, I have to get 3-4 packs. That’s some expensive soup. 

When I get them from the meat market, I pick out a tail, take it to the butcher and he’ll cut it the thickness I prefer. Which is usually small because when they’re thick they tend to be slightly tougher. In actuality that doesn’t seem to be a problem, I marinate they heck out of those suckers! 

Alright, gotta go. Is there anything you’ve had to make plans to go buy because maybe they didn’t have it in your area?


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  1. I’ve never tried it. My family complains that I make the same 10 meals over and over and should try something new. Somehow I think it would be fun to tell them they are having ox tail soup! Love that little one : ) and I hope your grandmother is doing alright.

  2. I’ve never had it!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it here. I’ve never cooked with it either, but wow, you’re not kidding on that soup being expensive.

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