Mama Bird Don’t Play


You see these little fellas? Every year a bird makes her nest on our gutter. This year she started making her nest in a light post I have near the front door. Evidently, when she saw the high volume of traffic or the nosey owners, she decided to make her nest on the gutter.


A couple weeks ago the birds hatched. We saw her go out, get their meal and come back to feed them. The other night when I came out, I saw something hanging from the gutter. It was too dark to distinguish what it was. That morning….there it was….one of her babies. We believe that it died and she kicked it out of the nest.

So, my husband went to remove it and while trying to remove the baby, Mama bird watched him like a hawk. More than likely she thought he was trying to mess with the birds that were still alive. Today they’re all gone. I wish that I counted the number of days they lived in the nest. Next year I’m going to try and remember to do that. Do you think she kicked the little birdie out too?


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  1. I don’t know. Maybe it just fell out?

  2. Poor little baby bird! That’s what I would guess happened…

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