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My Phlox have finally began to bloom 🙂 They have been in the making for nearly 7 yrs. An elderly client gave me a small piece of this plant approximately 7yrs ago and I had no clue what it was going to look like.  First, I planted it near the garage. A couple years later I moved it who knows where and it took at least 4 years before it began to fill out.

When it did finally bloom I was so happy that I treated it with some sort of love because honestly, when I planted it by the garage I forgot about it and couldn’t remember where it came from.

As of today, after dividing them a few times, we have 3 large, 2 small and my grandmother has one from a piece I gave her a couple years ago.

Here’s the kicker and I’m assuming this may possibly have to do with Sun light.


(Above)Here’s 1 of 2 near the front of the yard. You see the vibrant color?


(Above)Now, here’s 1 of 2 that I divided from the vibrant one at the top, you see its color?  More of a pastel… I noticed it this morning and was shocked because they all come from the same piece.  So, what do you think happened? Any expert gardeners out there?

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  1. Um yea no idea. But I am definitely not an expert gardner. It could just be the plant itself- we have some rose bushes that seem to constantly have roses. One will have these really pretty purple roses- they will bloom, die and then on the same bush it will be orange roses- bloom die than white! Seriously no joke! So maybe it is just something like that.
    Emmy´s last blog post ..Proud Mommy Moments: A Good Boy

  2. so pretty! I love flowers in the ground where they belong

  3. No clue, here. We had two baskets of Vinca that were all a beautiful pink color. The baskets didn’t do great, but the flowers ended up on the ground beneath the baskets and grow like crazy… IN THREE DIFFERENT COLORS!
    Ms. A´s last blog post ..How’d That Get There?

  4. They’re beautiful and one of my faves! I’ve never had the right sun levels for them but I sure love them in other yards!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell´s last blog post ..Easy Capellini Pomodoro


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