Home & Garden: What The Phlox?


My Phlox have finally began to bloom 🙂 They have been in the making for nearly 7 yrs. An elderly client gave me a small piece of this plant approximately 7yrs ago and I had no clue what it was going to look like.  First, I planted it near the garage. A couple years later I moved it who knows where and it took at least 4 years before it began to fill out.

When it did finally bloom I was so happy that I treated it with some sort of love because honestly, when I planted it by the garage I forgot about it and couldn’t remember where it came from.

As of today, after dividing them a few times, we have 3 large, 2 small and my grandmother has one from a piece I gave her a couple years ago.

Here’s the kicker and I’m assuming this may possibly have to do with Sun light.


(Above)Here’s 1 of 2 near the front of the yard. You see the vibrant color?


(Above)Now, here’s 1 of 2 that I divided from the vibrant one at the top, you see its color?  More of a pastel… I noticed it this morning and was shocked because they all come from the same piece.  So, what do you think happened? Any expert gardeners out there?


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  1. Um yea no idea. But I am definitely not an expert gardner. It could just be the plant itself- we have some rose bushes that seem to constantly have roses. One will have these really pretty purple roses- they will bloom, die and then on the same bush it will be orange roses- bloom die than white! Seriously no joke! So maybe it is just something like that.

  2. so pretty! I love flowers in the ground where they belong

  3. No clue, here. We had two baskets of Vinca that were all a beautiful pink color. The baskets didn’t do great, but the flowers ended up on the ground beneath the baskets and grow like crazy… IN THREE DIFFERENT COLORS!

  4. They’re beautiful and one of my faves! I’ve never had the right sun levels for them but I sure love them in other yards!

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