image My husband seems to love planting rows & rows of Jalapeno Peppers. Usually I’ll freeze those suckers and call it a day, but this year I decided to make use of the harvest, Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers. Normally I pick up the frozen boxes from the grocery store. They’re filled with what I assume to be a cream cheese filling, but with my family being the meat and potatoes type I wanted to add some ground turkey to the filling too. This is how I did it. Sorry, I don’t have accurate measurements, but what cook actually does that unless you’re baking, right? image First, pick your Jalapenos from the garden or pick some up from the store. In this batch we have 14 peppers. image image Split peppers down the center and remove seeds. If, you want some kick leave a few in. image Cook some ground turkey and season well with your favorite seasonings. Your only going to need about 1 cup of meat. Take advantage of using the other portion of meat for something else. This day I made catfish, spaghetti and coleslaw for dinner and the excess ground turkey was used for the spaghetti. image Now take your cooked ground turkey and mix it with a couple tbl spoons of cream cheese. image This is what they’ll look like. Prepare the batter image Mix 3 eggs in a bowl and season. image Mix equal parts flour & yellow cornmeal in another bowl and season. Cook Pour vegetable oil in skillet and allow it to get good and hot. Tip*** Test to see if oil is hot enough by taking a sprinkle of flour mixture and sprinkling it in the hot oil. If it sizzles well it’s hot enough.*** Prepare Jalapeno Peppers for Cooking 1. Take stuffed pepper dip in egg mixture, next in flour mixture, back to egg mixture and once again to flour mixture. Repeat this process to all the peppers before placing them in oil. 2. Place them in oil and allow them to brown on each side. (3 – 4 minutes tops) when they float they’re done. image 3. Remove peppers from skillet and place on a paper towel to allow oil to drain off. Serve with some sauce and it’s all good! image FYI I used the Taco Bell Sauce with ours. Enjoy



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