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Finally I will get to ship off my daughter’s first care pack this morning. Before she could make it to school good, I was at the store picking up things she liked to send her. The only hold up was her busy schedule didn’t allow her enough time to get her mailbox info. So, last week she squeezed in a little time to get the information we needed. It’s going to probably take me a few shipments before I find out the best way to go. The post office has flatrate boxes however, the largest box displayed wasn’t that large. As you can see this little box is loaded and I’m gonna have to do some moving and shaking before everything fits in here right. Who would have thought sending goodies to your child away at school would make you feel close and connected? If only I could be a fly on the wall when she opens it. Have you sent care packs to a student in college and if so, what have you found to be the best way to ship them?


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  1. Teresha says:

    She is going to love it! There is nothing like a care package from mom to comfort a homesick college student!

  2. The university I went to had care packages that the parents could just pay for and the university would deliver them. There were a few different options to choose from of what you wanted delivered- so maybe look into if there is something like that.

  3. I do them ALL the time! In fact, I have a huge pile of stuff on my kitchen table today which needs to be boxed and sent this afternoon. I almost always go with UPS on mine though because I send so much. The flat rate boxes are too small for me. 🙁

  4. Ramen noodles… a college student’s best friend! : )

  5. Love that there are Ramen noodles in there!! LOVE!

  6. My kids didn’t go away to college, so I never had to mail their care packages. I have delivered quite a few after they moved out.

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