Marriage & The Family: The Birds & The Bees are Overrated!


Forget The Birds and The Bees!!! Let’s talk about The horny Beetles and The Dogs!

It never fails. There’s always those non-rehearsed moments when parents have to deal with topics that they haven’t rehearsed for. Like the time when my oldest daughter was five and our Pastor at the time, wife was expecting their first child. My daughter wanted to know, how did the baby get in her stomach? Thanks Pastor!

But with all of the ‘Birds & The Bees’ discussion, there hasn’t been one bird or one bee that has been seen in the act of mating and a child has asked, “Mama, what are they doing?” So, personally I think birds and bees are overrated!

But, let’s go outside in the backyard and see some horny Asian Beetles.

“Ma!Why are they on top of each other like that?!!!!!” :-/

Or get an innocent, adorable, 9 week old puppy and to my surprise at his young age he begins to act out his natural instincts. He’ll have your 11 yr old son saying, “PLEASE MA!!!!!Don’t get him fixed. Just get him a girlfriend he can do it to!”

What!!!!! Has this puppy bought out the dog in my son?”

Thankfully my youngest seems to be clueless when my son is laughing hysterically at NewYork when he’s diligently humping on his ‘favorite toy’. She just continues to ask, “what’s so funny, James?” Then, I follow with a threat, “if you keep laughing I’m going to get him fixed!” And his never failing argument, “PLEASE, MA! Don’t get him fixed. Get him a girlfriend he can do it to!”

Forget The Birds and The Bees!!! Let’s talk about The horny Beetles and The Dogs!

What natural circumstances has provoked unwanted topics with your children?


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  1. Kids!!! You might want to get James fixed… when you get New York fixed. It will solve a lot of problems down the road. JK! (Was there supposed to be photos in those little boxes? If so, they didn’t show up)

  2. It’s the worst when those topics come up in public too. Then people are looking at you to see how you’re going to answer!

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