Marriage & The Family:My Cousin’s Bridal Shower

Yesterday was my cousin’s fiance’s bridal shower and I don’t know about you, but there are those times I long for adult conversation and fellowship.  I was up bright and early and dared to cook breakfast, be on house training duty or make you a cup of coffee.  As moms have you ever realized how much time and preparation it takes us for one event?  Well, this event, I was only making preparation for myself.

Although our family isn’t enormous, we’re pretty close.  We don’t have to worry about Man Man acting a fool at Thanksgiving dinner.  We have fun!  Fun always includes the electric slide and the percolator being played about 25 times per event.

Yesterday I was excited to see my cousins that were going to be there.  We call each other “Cousin Sisters”. It’s about 10 girl cousins in my age group that grew up together.  Of course some are closer than others based on a few age differences, but all of us have another one that we’re close to which keeps us connected to the other one, if you get what I’m saying.

You all may know my cousin, Isaac that’s getting married.  Well, indirectly that is.  He’s the one that created my Help! Mama Remote Logo and any other logo that I need for my sites.

That’s Isaac and his beautiful wife to be, Lauren.

This is my cousin Ayana and her daughter Layanna. Isaac and Ayana are brother and sister. Oh, Yana and I have some childhood stories.

This is my cousin Dionne and I’m sure if you met she’ll tell you the story of me running away from home ;-/ Yep, that would be me. Maybe I’ll tell my side of the story one day -____- Maybe!

Yana tweeted me this picture of me yesterday and evidently I don’t pay much attention because I didn’t see her snap this.

Yep, we gave the old school pose. We have so many hands on the hip pictures from back in the day. (left to right: Ayana, Dionne & Me)


Yana wrapping her brother’s head with bows.

I thought this was the coolest gift.  It’s that bean bag game (I don’t know what you call it).  They sale them a lot here in Chicago with sports team logos on them.

Lauren’s mom made her this plate of all the things her and Isaac have to do together.

We had a great time playing games and meeting Lauren’s family.  Now, time for me to find a dress for the wedding.


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  1. You ladies look lovely. I can definitely can see the family resemblance. You sister cousin Dionne looks like the pics of your daughter.

  2. Yes you have to do the classic pose as then it is so fun to go back over the years and look at that pose from different times.
    Looks like it was a fun shower. So awesome that you have so many cousins that you get along with so well. My mom is the youngest of three and each kid is 8 years apart- so my cousins are all my mom’s age- so wasn’t the same for me growing up.

  3. Everyone is sharing in so much joy together! Love it! (And the t-shirt is hilarious!)

  4. I wish I was still close to all my cousins and extended family!

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