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We began a project on the list that was long overdo. Preparing the windows, soffits, fascia and paneling for painting. Which began our scraping process. When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter we had the soffits and fascia painted by a ” professional”. I’d say within 2yrs it was peeling. When we were discussing having it done again, I felt we would do a better job. So, I’m taking on the window trims and any paneling that’s low and hubby is doing the soffits, fascia and anything that requires a ladder. It was so funny because I felt so good scraping all that crap off the house and visualizing the new fresh colors. Hopefully we’ll be completely done in 3 weeks. Just in time for me to do my fall decorating & before we take my daughter back to school. Stay tuned for the finished results.


Here’s our front window after scraping all of the loose paint. And that darn 1970’s brown.



Back soffits and in some areas the fascia wasn’t in need of much scraping and in some areas…..


There was a major need. I do believe when this project is complete, everytime we pull up to our home we will be proud of the end results. Have you ever completed a project that required some serious sweat equity and after completion you could stick out your chest?


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  1. We have a Habitat for Humanity house which require 350 hours of literal sweat equity! It does make you feel like you accomplished something.

  2. Giving birth to two babies naturally was serious sweat equity! I am very proud of that achievement

  3. Eeeeek…That’s going to be us soon!

  4. Oh can’t wait to see the finished look! My parents house still has a lot of that 70’s brown.

  5. Raising my kids would be the first thing that comes to mind! LOL! Serious sweat equity! Heck, I’m still sweating, I just don’t have much chest to show for it, they sucked me dry!

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