The Cooking Channel:Starving College Girl Wants Home Run Inn Pizza & Mama’s Cooking


Next week my daughter comes home from summer school and I can’t wait to hug and feed her. She text me the text you see above on Monday. The child is starving! Not really starving, but starving for some of her Mama’s food and Home Run Inn pizza. I rarely cook on Fridays so we always heat up frozen Home Run Inn pizza in the oven. When it comes to frozen, it’s Home Run Inn, that’s it and that’s all!!!!! We rarely get it from the Home Run Inn restaurant because its not close to our house and if we do my husband will pick one up on his way home from work, but by the time he makes it home, it’s cold. Now, there are a couple other pizza places that have great pizza that we order from like Beggars and Villa Rosa, hubby brought one of those home Saturday because we had a power outage.

Since I’ve been couponing, I’ve tried the no loyalty thing and picked up another brand when I had a coupon for it…..My daughter said, ” Never buy this again!!!!!!” However, she was also expressing my thoughts that I would never buy that or another brand again.

Last year when we went to NewYork on her official visit, they took us out for pizza because they knew that was my daughter’s favorite food. While we were eating, I was thinking I know she doesn’t like this! I struggled to eat one slice. When her coach asked how was it, she smiled and said how good it was. I’m like Gurrrrl….I know you’re just being polite! I know NewYorkers think their pizza is the best. But here in Chicago…we think ours is the best too.

Back to my starving daughter. They were able to eat at specific restaurants around campus because the cafeteria wasn’t open during the summer. At first she was love’n it, but it didn’t take long before eating fast food everyday got old. In order to break it up she would order salads and that got old too. I had even began to worry and wish I could send her a home cooked meal.

Well, Monday she text me about making sure I had Home Run Inn pizza on deck. Later that night my husband and I called her and she began to break down everything she wanted when she came home…..

Daughter: Ma, pleasssssse have the pizza as soon as I get home. And you have to cook EVERYDAY! Dad, I want you to Bar B Que.

My husband is smiling from ear to ear because he has help enforcing food demands.

Husband: This is going to be good! You want mash potatoes? (He wants mash potatoes)

Daughter: Yeah, I want mash potatoes (fell right into his plan). I want everything!!!! Ya’ll have to get my body back in good health from all of this fast food.

Husband: This is going to be good!!! She about to put her foot in this food.

Me: I bet you appreciate the cafeteria when it opens.

Daughter: Yes I will!

Now, I’m excited to go grocery shopping. I got to feed my baby.


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  1. Yes eating out all the time initially sounds like a fun idea but usually doesn’t last long. And oh it is so Chicago style pizza all the way!!!

  2. I think my kids were happy to leave home and do their own cooking! They are great cooks… me, not so much.

    Wallow in that admiration, I’m tellin’ you!

  3. She’s right though. Those really are GOOD!!! They finally started ordering them to sell in stores down here and I’m happy!

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