Wordless Wednesday: Addicted To Polish


My oldest daughter is and has been for sometime now, addicted to polish.


I stole these pics from her while stalking her Instragram. When she left for school, she didn’t take any polish, but began to accumulate some quickly.


During basketball season she always paints her nails the color they’re wearing for their game.


When it comes down to nail polish remover…..whenever I need it, it’s gone! Gone! Always gone! Because Ms. Nail Polish polishes her nails darn near everyday!


Well of course this has rubbed off on her little sister.

(Those bands on her wrist are another addictive story)
She’s not an extremist like her big sister, but will more than likely fall into the enabler category. Whenever she sees polish…..she’ll say, “Sister, can you polish my nails?” Yes, she calls her sister, sister and her brother, brother. Strange. She calls me mother when (I think) she’ s being sarcastic.

I’m paying close attention to a brand new bottle of nail polish that I recently purchased because I KNOW, by the time she leaves for school, it will be ALL GONE!

Do your children have something they absolutely love to do or may fall in the addiction category?


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  1. Hmm…how did I miss this post? Lol, cute looks.

  2. I don’t usually bother with my finger nails because it just rubs or chips off too quickly, but I LOVE painting my toe nails.

  3. Oh she does a great job and the colors are all so pretty!

  4. One of the granddaughters is addicted to polish. My (grown) kids have an addiction to sushi. Champagne taste, beer budget! They didn’t get that from me. I live within my means, or I do without. When I think of all the things they could have gotten with that sushi money, I want to scream!

  5. I wouldn’t have the patience to redo them all the time like that. She does a nice and neat job of it!

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