Headstart Homeschooling: Starfall iPad App


Since my youngest wasn’t able to start school this year due to how her birthday falls, I decided to homeschool to prepare her for next year.

Jala loves my iPad! Honestly, love is an understatement! So in order to make this learning process exciting I look for apps to fulfill her desire.

One of our faves is the Starfall app. I always try the free version first to see if its actually worth it. The free Starfall version has Alphabets only, but with many different ways of learning them. Such as uppercase, lowercase, alphabet mazes, puzzles, memory games…..

I decided to stick with the free version for now because like most kids, my daughter gets distracted and likes jumping ahead or all over the place when I’m not looking.

If your interested in homeschooling to give your child a headstart or for extra practice after school, check out the Starfall iPad app or STARFALL.COM.


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  1. I could never home school – just not patient enough I guess. Looks like a cool app though.

  2. This is a good idea Nicole. think the babies would be very eager for it. they love my phone anyway, LOL

  3. This is really great. We homeschooled both of our children and loved doing it.

  4. I had no clue they have an app (though I shouldn’t be surprised since everything has an app now!), but will definitely have to get it. We love Starfall and it helped my 5 year old learn his letters and letter sounds so much.

  5. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll head over and check them out.

  6. I taught my kids a lot of things at home, but never home schooled. I like the idea of it!

  7. My kids love love starfall.com , I didn’t know they had an App. Though it seems like if you have wifi then just easier to go the website for free and you get it all

  8. We liked Starfall too. I have some apps listed on my blog that are fun and educational as well. Good luck!

  9. Starfall has been a HUGE help in getting William ready for school next year! Awesome site/app

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