September is National Childhood Obesity Month and I thought this post I shared with you all last year would be appropriate and motivation for any parents dealing with a child fighting obesity. As my daughter continues to count down the days until her 17th birthday I can’t help to rejoice on how far God has brought us.  I was over hearing her, my husband and son talk about all of her challenges and how they helped her be who she is today.  Often times when we’re talked about and looked down on, we never think of the positive impact it can have if we persevere and not allow it to penetrate our heart (the core of who we really are). I wrote a post before on the reaction my daughter received when she returned to school this past school year.    From the age of 6 my daughter struggled with her weight….. [1]

Husband teaching her how to cut hair at an early age

Of course we would watch what she ate and make sure we all ate the same way, but I think my daughter’s main problem was not enough exercise. Up until she was 5 yrs old we lived in the city. The public school she attended had gym and recess, but I don’t remember them changing for gym. I also think there was a time that the didn’t have gym at all. When she was about 8yrs old we moved to the suburb. She participated in gym as well, but during the school year she didn’t go outside to play very much.  As she got older her weight would fluctuate, but she was still overweight. [3] [4]

These pics are from Take Your Child To Work Day (11yrs)

  During the summer after she finished 6th grade she went to a basketball camp.  She realized how much she enjoyed it and tried out for the 7th grade basketball team.  Since she never played any sports before, she had a lot of work to do.  Most likely the reason she was allowed on the team was because of her height.  The nicked named her “Tumble Weed” because she fell all the time.  If you notice most heavy athletes are slow(running).  She sat on the bench ALOT!!!!!!! As she continued to play ball she slimmed down a little bit.  We thought that she was just going to be a big girl.  From her freshman year all the way up until her junior year, she would practice with the freshman team, sophomore team and varsity everyday.  She said when she asked the varsity coach her freshman year could she practice with them he looked at her like he saw ghost.  Her sophomore year she received a gym rat award because she was in the gym everyday after school until it was time to go home.  Her drive to work hard had nothing to do with losing weight.  It was all because of her passion to do her best and her growing love for basketball. She said other teammates told her she couldn’t play, she was fat and other things that would normally kill the spirit of a child.  However, she kept going.  Some kids would start on the varsity team as freshman because they were so good.  I would tell her to wait until her turn.  It’s not always good to move so far ahead of yourself that you miss out on development. Last summer she played with an AAU team that ran the hell out of them.  These girls ran and ran and ran and ran……….Before you knew it we looked up and was like……”You look skinny!”  We were baffled!  Not only did she loose a lot of weight ( about 35lbs we’re still not sure because it snuck up on us), but she was faster.  Every college coach complimented her on how fast she was.  Again we’re baffled!  This wasn’t the same little girl that I’d want to slap somebody Mama if they said a negative comment about her at a game.  Yep!  They did it!  One parent yelled out, “Stop her big &%?!”  Actually I took that as a compliment because they thought she was gonna run they butt over!LOL I know this is probably the longest post I’ve ever written but I have come to realize that keeping our kids active is one way to keep them healthy, but if that action can be fueled by passion……….It’s a done deal.  Not only are they healthy physically, but mentally too.  Child athletes endure a lot!  As a parent being there to encourage them and left them up when others are tearing them down is the way we help them fight through their adversities and all of the foolishness.  I’m so proud of my daughter and every time I think of her journey, I cry.  Tears of joy! [6]



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