A week in the life of my chittlins & NewYork


The mom stalker strikes again. Looks like the thing on Instragram this week is posting a then & now picture. You best believe my social media enthused child has posted one.


I should have been stalking this chile! I noticed the basketball had stopped bouncing and he was extremely quiet….I thought he either snuck off to talk to a friend or was playing in the dirt. After hearing the water hose being turned on in the back it was more like playing in mud.


After saying, “you’re not coming in here like that!” He takes matters in his own hands.



We’ve been going to story time at the library each week. Last week my daughter asked to leave before participating in the activity because the kids were loud. There were groups of kids from daycares and many were toddlers. So, it had gotten a bit loud for a moment. This week was a success. Not as many kids and I explained to my daughter to be patient and let’s stay for the activity. After the librarian read a couple stories the kids were able to make prints with leaves by placing a leaf under the paper, laying a crayon on its side and shading. I’m sure we all remember doing this as a child. My daughter was fascinated by the results.



And NewYork. Does what he does best. Lays in my lap and sleep.

Have a great weekend 🙂


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  1. Your son is hilarious!
    I am off to go make shade drawings of leaves with crayons

  2. Ha… kids! Personally, I think New York has the best idea!

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