DIY/Crafts: Making Play Dough

If I had a dime for every time my daughter asks to do a project, I would be a Mama with a whole lotta dimes!!!!  A few weeks ago when she asked her famous question.

Ma, can we do a project?

So, I did a YouTube search to find out how to make play dough and this is the video I found.

We headed into the kitchen and took out all the ingredients that were instructed in the video and got busy.

After cooking up the ingredients for the play dough, I had my daughter knead the dough and have some fun.

O.K. Mama had fun too, making play dough pretzels 🙂

It’s been at least 4 weeks since we did this project and the play dough is still in tact after storing it in a storage container.


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  1. I’m impressed it’s lasted so long! I really need to make some of this with my boys.

  2. Fabulous!! I have said so many times that I need to do this. I need to stop saying it and just do it already!

  3. Making the homemade play-dough kind of grosses me out when it is that lumpy stage- but it really is the best stuff

  4. I needed this when my kids were little, even though I hated finding pieces of it stuck in the carpet.

    You didn’t dye yours? I’m shocked, Nicole.

  5. That’s really neat that it didn’t dry out! That’s a winning recipe!

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