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My son is in the 6th grade and every year the school gives him an agenda book to write down his homework assignments. While going through his book I thought…this would be a great way for me to plan out my daughter’s weekly lessons. I looked on the planner for the brand name and there was the website to order. The bummer was you had to order 50 planners in order to make a purchase.

So, I called his school and asked did they have extra agenda books for sale and sure enough they had them in stock to purchase for $5.

How I use it: Since the book is created to record homework assignments, I use it to record her lessons for the subjects we work on for the day and I schedule them for the entire week a week ahead of time.  I always give myself room for change of plans because life happens.  Also, if she’s doing really well on a specific letter or numbers, I move along in order to avoid boring her.

For instance…subjects listed are:

Reading and Writing:  Practice writing letter C, Create the letter C out of fruit loops or pom poms, Work with alphabet flashcards, Practice 10 site words.

Math: #Study numbers 1-5, continue practice writing #2, work with number flashcards.

Social Studies: Study US Presidents 1-5

Other Subjects: Ballet today at 5:30


The planner is also a great resource because of the map, U.S Presidents listed, Solar System, Multiplication & Division Table and so much more right at my finger tips. Of course some of the things may be a bit advanced, however introducing her to them never hurts.


Those of you know about my planner addiction this planner is nothing, but another fix for me.

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  1. I use to train in time management, and used my planner faithfully. I don’t know when or how I got out of the habit but I’m trying to get back into it. I found it was the best way to keep my sanity while trying to get 100 things done at once 😉
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  2. Reminds me of the planners I used to keep. We got great ones, free, at our car insurance place.
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