Homeschooling Tools I’m Using: Site Word & US Presidents Flash Cards

While up late one night preparing for the next day, I caught hold of some crafting energy out of nowhere.  Instead of using index cards to write site words & the US Presidents on ( my original plan), I took out some card stock and jazzed them up a bit.  Typing the words & Presidents in a table on a word document and using the card stock as a backing, a midnight project had me patting myself on the back and I gave myself an “A” for effort.



To finish them off I used some embellishments and Mod Podge to coat and seal them.  That’s what we’re using for homeschooling.



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  1. Amazing job :)) I really think what you’re doing is awesome because you are making learning fun! I’ll keep that in mind for Matilda thankfully I have some time. So excited to have you join us in our Blogs To Riches Club 🙂 I know you will love it there and I’m leaving a comment for you on your profiel – Have an amazing day!

  2. Wow, I’m WAY too lazy for that. Good job!

  3. Such an inspired idea!! I need to do that for my girls:) (um the Canadian version lol)

  4. Very fancy! Seems like it would be more fun and pleasant from to learn that way

  5. Girl, that’s above and beyond!

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