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One of my favorite shows, Iyanla Vanzant’s, ‘Fix My Life’ which air on the OWN Network.  One of the reasons I consider it my favorite show is because it offers me therapy sessions at no charge.  Well, that’s not exactly true because we have to pay our cable bill in order to watch it. In that case, I might as well fix my life while paying it! Nevertheless, I learn a great deal from Iyanla’s no holds barred attitude.  She’s an all up in yo face kind of woman and if you can’t get it right after that, it’s because you don’t want to.

Although many of the stories may not relate to me or anyone directly.  There’s always an indirect connection if you can understand what I mean. Last night’s episode was about a woman that requested Iyanla’s help with her marriage due to her husband’s multiple affairs.  This woman’s husband was also the pastor of a church and many of his affairs had taken place with women in the congregation, in one of those affairs he fathered a child.  Like I said….this may not be a direct connection, but indirect.  Many of us have been in past relationships that were abusive and because we weren’t getting beat upside the head we didn’t see it as derisive.  In the clip I’m sharing below Iyanla gives the definition of abuse and we can see it’s more to it than a physical altercation.

In most cases if we’ve been in situations like this we look back and wonder what in the HELL was I thinking?!  Maybe it was not wanting to be alone, the misinterpretation of love or financial support.  In the clip Natashia enjoyed the perks that came with being married to a Pastor.  Like many of us day by day we put on a facade as though everything is OK.  I also like to look at things in a different perspective as well.  It may not have been an ex of the past.  It could be a relationship with a friend.  Surrounding our self around the wrong people who are emotionally abusive.  Since, we’re afraid of being alone or just so happy to call someone our friend we allow our worth to become devalued by someone that has no clue what a real friend is, let alone treat us like one.  If you haven’t already, check out ‘Fix My Life’.  Like I said it’s my therapy 😉

Iyanla Defines Spiritual Abuse

Natashia tells Iyanla that over the course of her 10-year marriage to a Louisiana pastor, her husband has cheated on her with many women—including members of his congregation. Watch as Iyanla helps this wife and mother accept a new definition of abuse, both emotional and spiritual. Plus, Natashia discovers how image and ego are holding her back.


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  1. I have never seen this show but yes- especially those in abusive relationships– even abusive as this one was do often take something extreme or in their face in order for them to wake up to the reality of it.

  2. OOOH SISTER GIRL! I need to watch that show! I don’t have cable, but I love any kind of therapy and she was getting pretty deep! Glad to see Ilanya back at it.

  3. I was in an abusive relationship over 40 years ago and, thankfully, I didn’t need anyone to fix it on national television.

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