A couple weeks ago I received some taco shells from MexAmerica Foods[1] to review.  I was sent 1 pack of 15 oz Flour Tortillas, 16 oz 100 % Whole Wheat With Honey Tortillas & 10 oz corn Tortillas. MexAmerica Tortillas1[2] Within the past couple weeks we’ve had our regular turkey tacos & veggie wraps.  I used the leftovers for my husband’s lunch using the 16 oz Whole Wheat With Honey Tortillas and he said the guys at work were eyeing his food.  The Whole Wheat With Honey Tortilla shells are very large and a great proportion for a man’s meal. Since we eat tacos often in my house I also wanted to do something a bit different.  I decided on Salmon tacos using the 15 oz. flour shells. MexAmerica Taco Shells on eye[3] Here’s a quick tip and as brilliant as I am I can’t take any credit.  My Mom showed me this little trick when she was over one day and I’ve been cooking my shells like this ever since. Tip: Put taco shells directly on the gas stove burner on a medium fire, cook for approximately 15 seconds and flip over. Continue flipping if necessary to get the desired look of your shells. First, season your salmon with the seasonings you prefer, lightly oil skillet with olive oil and cook. salmon cooking in olive oil[4] salmon done[5] After salmon is done cut salmon into small pieces and begin to prepare your taco. alvacodo[6] If you choose to use the avocado cut it up as well. Salmon Tacos1[7] Layer salmon, romaine lettuce, shredded cheese, avocado and Greek yogurt.  If you’re a hot sauce person make sure you add that too.  The MexAmerica Tortilla shells were delicious!  My family and I enjoyed trying them out. What’s your favorite type of taco?  



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