Homeschooling: Primary,Secondary & Tertiary Colors using Food Color

If I had a dime for every time this little girl says, “let’s do a science project!” I would be RICH!!!! Most of the time she has me scrambling and thinking what can I pull together this time.  Ah HA!  Food color!  Let’s mix colors to make more colors!

We’ve done this with paint, she’s done it with play dough, mixing markers and coloring outside of the lines with crayons.


Tools Needed:

4 glasses half filled with water

1 towel

4 food color

4 stirrers

food color1



Next in each glass add a few drops of each food color in each cup.


food color 2


Mix and feel free to add more color depending on the depth of color you will like.


food color2

food color 4

She was very excited to see what happened when she mixed red and yellow together.

Below is a chart from one of my hair color collections that shows what colors are made when two primary colors are mixed together.

primary secondary

Think I need to start thinking about the next science project.


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  1. Nicole, every time I see the great things you do with your little one, I hide my face in shame. This is a great and fun lesson! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Looks like fun! My boys would definitely enjoy this.

  3. Only one towel? She must be a lot neater than some of the kids I’ve been around.

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