Hello Monster Truck Mom’s

Goodbye Minivan and Hello Monster Truck Moms!

Look out! There’s a new driver in town and she’s driving a monstrosity.  At first sight, I cringe at the thought, but I can think of a few risky or adventurous curricular activities I’d like to indulge in…..

1. Be a member of a women’s motorcycle club – Even though I’d take side streets to all of my destinations.

2. Tennis Player -Now this one isn’t risky not including the fact that I have absolutely NO SKILL!  So, in that case I will be playing with fire because I have yet to hit 1 ball.

3. A contestant on the show Knock Out – HA! Hahahaha!

We see where that’s going.  However, I’m down for any woman being adventurous and enjoying her life because we sacrifice so much.  On the other hand I wouldn’t like my children doing it, but then again my child has gotten concussions playing basketball.

Do you have any wild adventures or things you would like to do for a career or extracurricular activities?




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  1. Will you share videos of any of those when you accomplish them? I’m hoping for the knock out video 🙂

  2. I know it won’t involve monster trucks! Watching….maybe. Driving? Never!

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