My Craigslist Patio Set Find

I’ve been looking for a conversational patio set to go at the other end of my patio. If you’re familiar with the sets you know they run from $300.00 – $1, 500 BUCKS! So I decided to checkout Craigslist to see what I could find and that’s when this ugly duckling showed up. Only a mother would think it’s cute.


This 4 piece beauty came with a love seat, 2 chairs and cocktail table. All for…….wait for it….. $50.00! 😉 now, it’s time to give her a makeover. I’m going to spray paint it and I’m still debating on how I’ll redo the cushions. I’ll leave that for the big reveal. Since I purchased new patio cushions for my table set the year before last, I don’t want to buy any for this set until I’m ready to buy more for the table set again and make sure they all match.

So, what you think of my little ugly duckling?




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  1. It’s going to be a swan when you get done! I can’t wait to see the results

  2. Hmm, it’s definately a fixer -upper. But you’re so creative, I know it will be super cute when you get done with.

  3. For $50, that looks like a sweet deal! I can’t wait to see how you beautify it 🙂

  4. Great Find! I’m desperately in need of new pool deck chairs and they are so darn expensive.

  5. I can’t wait until i’m done.

  6. lol I know she’s an ugly duckling.

  7. lol I’m going to price some fabric first and see what I come up with. The table I stripped the resin off the top layer and it’s a wrought iron. I’m going to spray it too.

  8. I see the potential, what a STEAL! It is indeed ugly but can be made anew and it will be grand! Why not just buy new solid-colored cushions? What are your plans for the table? I look forward to your updated picture.

  9. But I do see the potential and I usually don’t.

  10. I see lots of potential and I know you’ll make it a beautiful swan!

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