Sir, do you know what time is it?


While working in the yard yesterday morning we had a surprise visit.  He walked from our neighbor’s yard on the left of us all the way to our neighbor on the other side of us. It was kind of funny because it appeared as though he was making sure he didn’t make any noise. 


This may sound crazy, but last week I was doing some work in the yard and I was by my neighbor’s fence… it felt like someone or thing was watching me.  I think he lives next door -___- . LOL

My husband scared the living daylights out of me! After we saw this little creature, I went back in the back to lay some mulch.  My husband says, “he right behind you!!!” I didn’t look to see… I started running so fast!!!! From this day forward i’ll be paranoid that the non-playing possum has his eyes on me.


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  1. Lol, tell you hubby to quit messing with you. That ain’t funny, that’s scary! Glad we don’t have possums here- at least that I know of…

  2. Well, at least he’s not one of those noisy, obnoxious neighbors :). Good luck figuring out what to do with him.

  3. How funny! My daughter caught one peeking out at her from a bush in the middle of the day a couple days ago. Maybe it’s just spring and they have to work a little longer to find a ‘friend.’

  4. Unfortunately, this is one of the few types of wildlife I see in my yard. One even crawled in my dryer vent and into the back of my dryer and made a nest. Make sure your vents aren’t accessible!

  5. aack! I hate those things. they are uuuuu-gly! seriously though-call pest control to lay a trap. he might be rapid.

  6. When night creatures are out in the day, that’s a bad sign. Something is wrong with them!!! Eeks!

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