My hardcore rap playlist motivates my workout

Don’t judge me 😉 The past few weeks of my workout having been boring and dreaded.  I go to our neighborhood fitness center, which I LOVE and I often get caught up chatting with some other ladies about recipes and grocery stores.  Go figure.   However,  I find myself looking at the time on the elliptical constantly.


Unless I’m listening to my hardcore rap playlist on 10.  That’s when I’m in the rhythm and I flow straight through my workout in no time at all.  That’s the way it feels to me anyway.  

I also weighed in this morning… I was scared that I may have gained 5 lbs.  I’m not a heavy eater, but a heavy snacker. Heavy! I tell you! Heavy!   That also depends on the time of month it is.  To my surprise I was still at 190 🙂 Whew!

So, the moral of the story is…. listen to hardcore rap while working out and stop talking about recipes and grocery stores 😉


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  1. I love my rap music for my workouts. It is the only way I can get through it!

  2. wait, now i have to know whats on it!!!!


  3. Just listening to rap music would be a workout, in my opinion!

  4. lol, great job mama!

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