If your the mom of young kids or when you kids were younger, did the get the “Are we there yet?” Syndrome?  Well, in some cases it’s the… “Are we going today?” Syndrome.  Whenever I would tell my kids we’re going somewhere Friday, I’m going to hear about it everyday, until that day.  So, I got wise.  I wouldn’t tell them until the day before or that very day.  I told Jala we were going to the Barbie Is Moving Tour, the day before. 😉 When we woke up Sunday morning she knew exactly what was on the agenda.  Get ready and GO! LOL Jala on front porch[1] And she was ready to go.  We arrived and there was a line of parents with daughters waiting to experience Barbie Is Moving.   Barbie tour truck[2] Barbie tour1[3] barbie house[4] Barbie’s house that she has placed on the market.  Which was actually where the girls walked the runway. barbies house walk the runway[5] But before Jala walked the runway we stopped to have her face painted. Jala getting face painted[6] jala getting face painted 2[7] jala getting face painted 3[8] Jala getting face painted 4[9] Warning: When your child has his or her face painted…. they are not going to want to wash it :-/ After having her face painted she walked the runway. Jala about to walk the runway[10] Jala walking runway[11] Jala Barbie Photo[12] After walking the runway she enjoyed some other activities.  One of those activities was to design a dress for Barbie.  It was like using carbon ink to imprint the design on a dress and that dress was able to be worn by Barbie. Design Barbie Dress[13] Coloring the dress[14] After designing the dress they were also able to color them. Barbie Mega Bloks[15] Next, was the Barbie Mega Bloks.  They were able to pick out a few Bloks and were given a kit to take home with additional pieces. Jala Mega Bloks[16] Mega Bloks Poodle[17] Jala Mega Bloks 2[18] Jala with barbie poodle topiary[19] Jala Barbie is moving tour[20] Jala Barbie moving boxes[21] Jala photo booth[22] Jala had a great time.  Something I would have definitely enjoyed as a child.  I loved playing with Barbies when I was a kid. No Compensation Disclosure[23]



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