School’s out, registration and Blogher13


Yesterday morning I picked my daughter up from the airport.  School is officially out.  They have mandatory summer school which means all athletes have to attend the first session of summer school.

I thought she hadn’t been home for 6 months, but she reminded me that she did come home for spring break.  How did I forget that? But as of late, I’m forgetting how old I am -__-.  I think when we you reach a certain age and you’re not asked daily, “How old are you?” We begin to forget.  Well, that’s what’s been going on with me.

The next few weeks I will be on a mission, registering the kids for school and getting ready for Blogher13.  I have my checklists by my side and knocking things off task by task. 

Last week I went to JCPenney to pick up some new outfits for Blogher. Still a few more things to pick up and I’m all good.  I also wrote down 2 goals/objectives that I want to accomplish from attending Blogher13.

1.Training: I’ve mapped and written out my schedule and classes I’m taking. I’d hate to come home after this event is over and have nothing to apply to my blogging endeavors. 

2. Relationships: getting to meet some of the bloggers I’ve followed and read for so long is going to be so exciting.  As well as meeting bloggers that I may not have encountered their blog before will definitely be refreshing. 

Anything else that comes out of it, is a perk. A little something…something extra. 

What are you plans for the next few weeks? Will you be attending Blogher13 and if so, have you written any goals that you want to achieve this year from attending?


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  1. Same here. The countdown has begun.

  2. I’m the same as you, I have a to do list on my phone and I’m deleting each point as it’s done! I have so much to do!!!! I’m looking forward to meeting you in Chicago! x Michelle

  3. Is a camera on that list? Yes, you can call me pushy. LOL!

  4. I am excited for you!!! I pray for favor and that you are connected with more people who will empower your vision. You should get your presentation ready, it’s going to be an awesome season for you.

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